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Mars & Mercury: Ascendant - Analysis, Chapter XXIV, Part - 1

Chapter 24

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets have dual nature. Jupiter, Venus, full Moon and well-associated Mercury are benefics by nature, while the Sun, new Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are malefic by nature. But natural benefics become bad and baneful by virtue of the houses they own. For instance, Mercury lord of the 3rd and 6th for Aries-ascendant is bad, generally, while Venus lord of 3rd 8th for Pisces and Jupiter lord of 3rd and 6th for Libra-ascendant becomes baneful and evil for the respective Lagnas.

Similarly, Mars, generally evil by nature, is an excellent Mangla and Mangalakaraka (causing all auspiciousness) for Cancer-ascendant; as the splendid lord of 5th and 10th, and Saturn is a brilliant Yogakarka for Taurus as lord of 9th and 10th, and for Libra as the unsullied lord of 4th and 5th.

So, predictive astrology has to take note of the dual nature of planets, firstly by nature and secondly and specially by lordship. For instance, for Aries ascendant. Mercury lord of 3rd and 6th is well relegated to 12th (debility in Pisces); but, then, his Karakatwa namely Vidya (education) and Vak (speech) will also be a little reduced, as also courage signified by the 3rd house Gemini, as lord of 3rd (avoiding much of the evil of 6th) is an ideal position, reconciling the strength of matters like memory with the minimizing, though not entire elimination of the evil of the 6th lordship, like Mercury in debility, in 12th. Thus, for every Lagna, Sage Parasara has classified planets as benefics and malefic.

But, before I proceed to address myself to the well-known expert classification of planets as benefic and malefic for each Lagna, I should pause for a moment to point out two items of fundamental importance. Firstly the condemnation of planets like the lord of the 11th for a cardinal sign or the lords of the 7th for a dual sign or the lords of 2nd and 11th for Leo and Aquarius ascendants and Subhas (natural benefics) owning Kendras or quadrants as evil has relevance only to Maraka (death-inflicting nature) and not prosperity in life.

For Mercury lord of 2nd and 11th for Leo ascendant, for instance, when well placed in the 2nd in Virgo or in 11th in Gemini or in the 10th Taurus of ascendant especially with the Sun lord of the ascendant or Venus can and does give great prosperity and wealth, especially if his (Mercury’s) Dasa runs in the life of the native. In fact, for sheer wealth, there is nothing so conductive as a good 2nd and 11th lord or a good combination of the lords of 2nd and 11th – for example of Venus and Saturn in 11th in Libra for one born in Sagittarius, when the 6th lordship of Venus does little mischief since Venus is in the better house 11th (6th from 6th):

For, See: - Dusthanapasthadhithara swagrihasthasthihaschet Swakshetra bhavaphalameva karoti nanyat

Meaning, that if a planet owns two houses, one of which is a Dushsthana (6th or 8th or 12th) but is in his own house (that is house other than Dushsthana) gives only the effects of the house, where he is placed so that Jupiter in the 9th Sagittarius, for Aries-ascendant is placed in a capital position as lord of the 9th in 9th, and the evil of 12th lordship is minimized and Venus in 3rd Taurus for Pisces, functions as lord of 3rd in 3rd, mainly, avoiding the evil of the 8th lordship as far as possible. Secondly, Athipatyam or lordship is irrelevant in Adhiyoga, for instance, formed by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all the three natural, benefics, being in 6th, 7th and 8th from the Moon or Lagna. The Dasas of the planets causing Adhiyoga give prosperous results:- for the dictum is:-

“Yasya yogasya yahkarta, balavan jitadrigyutha

Adhiyogadiyogeshu swadasayam phalapradaha.”


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