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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Punjacharya: Yada lagnagate saumye yuva baalaayate kilam. Chandraputre cha tatrasthe sa narastuvarapriyaha. Even as a man he looks like a child. He is found of yellow lentils.

Gholap: Law abiding, always immersed in charitable deeds, has many friends and loving parents. He enjoys prestige and is industrious. He has no enemies.

Gopal Ratnakar: Mercury is a great planet that has great significance in a person’s life. It dispels the possibility of demons possessing the person.

Hillajaatak: Dashamevatsare kaantibudho yachchati lagnagaha. The person’s body develops attractive attributes at age ten.

Yavanmath: If Mercury is in a Fire Sign the person is hasty, has a slight tendency to anger, enjoys theatre and plays, the person is a good orator and excels in mathematics. In Sagittarius, Mercury bestows great valour. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, Mercury makes the person arrogant and a cheat. In Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the person is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable in the arts and studious. In Scorpio, the person is interested in the sciences, can become a scientist, is selfish and the kind who can intimidate others into parting with their property. In Cancer or Pisces, the person is unstable, interested in writing, excels in scholarly pursuits. Mercury in conjunction with Saturn can prove very malefic, however.

Agyath: Kshami saptaavinshativarshe teerthayaatraayogaha. Paapakshetre yute dehe rogaha pitapaandurogaha. Angaheenaha. Sajjanadheshi, netrarogi, vanchakaha. Saptadashavarshe bhraatrinaamanyonyakalaham. Angaheenaha. Shreshtalokam gabhishyati. Paapayute hrishte neecharkshe paapalokam gamishyati. Shayyasukhavarjitaha. Kshoodradevatopaasakaha. Paapamandadiyute vaamananetre haanihi. Shashtheshayute neecheshayute doshavaan. Apaatravyayavaan. Paapamatihi. Shubhayute nishchayena dhandhaanaadimaan, dhaarmikabudhi, astraatit, tarkashaastraanvita, dridagaatraha. This person is forgiving, he undertakes a pilgrimage at the age of 27. If Mercury is with a malefic influence or in conjunction with one, the person suffers from Pitha ailments of a chronic nature. He does no good deeds and harasses his fellow men. He contracts eye disease. At the age of 17 he quarrels with his brother. He does not enjoy happiness for a long time. He is a devotee of lowly deities. If Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn or other malefic planets, the person could be blind in the left eye or lose it in an injury. He squanders his wealth. His tendencies are evil. If Mercury is with an auspicious influence then the person is wealthy, spiritual, happy, learned and good at debating.

My Thoughts: Whatever the ancient writers have said so far appear to have been based on the premised that Mercury is the sole planet in its space. But Mercury is inevitably ahead of or behind the Sun within a margin of 30 degrees. It rises and sets from the space occupied by the Sun. Similarly Venus is also inevitably close to Mercury in the initial phases and sometimes later as it traverses through other houses too. There are many instances when Mercury is in conjunction with other planets. Therefore it is next to impossible to describe the traits of Mercury in isolation since it is never clear which attributes have really been bestowed by other planets. Most ancient writers have attributed all the beneficial traits to masculine signs and malefic traits to feminine signs. The reference of Brihadyavanajaatak and Yavanmath that there are many children is only possible if Mercury is in a feminine sign. Jaageshwar’s description of a long lineage does not apply to any signs except Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. In Aries, Leo and Libra there may be a couple of sons. If Mercury is in a feminine sign then the person develops a tendency to gluttony till age 32 and then gradually loses his appetite. Brihadyavanajaatak says the person gets glory and prestige at age ten. These days music, dance and cinema have opened the doors for children to get status and prestige at a young age. Examples are Maharashtrian singer Bal Gandharva and Master Barve. Hillajaatak has said ten is the age when a person ruled by Mercury will experience development of his physique. I disagree with Vasishtha that the age of four has a potential of death. Mercury has no role in a person’s chances of death. It is irresponsible to link Mercury and death seen in one or two horoscopes to deliver a general verdict thus.


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