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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 1

Chapter 20

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury in the First House

Acharya and Gunakar: Scholar.

Kalyanavarma: Anupahatadehabudhirvershakalaagyaanakaavyaganitagyaha. Atimadhurachaturavaakyo deerghaayuhu syaad budhe lagne. The person is disease free, intelligent, well versed in all the arts, knowledgeable in the intricacies of poetry and mathematics, well-dressed, intellectual and speaks well. This person has a long life.

Baidhyanath: Vidhyavitapasvadharmanirato lagnasthithe bodhane. This person studies early in the morning, is wealthy, has a tendency to be meditative and is devoutly religious. He lives life as dictated by the scriptures.

Garg: Smritipurnahashaanto medhaavi cha priyamvadaha. Vidhwaan dayaaluratyartha vina kroora budhe tanau. He is good looking, clever, peaceful, and intelligent, speaks mellifluously, learned and is very kind hearted. That is, these attributes can be seen if Mercury is not in combination with any malefic planet.

Daivagyavilas: tanau buddhe vilokite bhinnavarnashareeranka. Streesukham madhyabhaage cha vaatapeeda tanau bhaveth. Visfotaadibhavam duhukhamashokosthatilosthavaa. Gulmodar vikaaro vaa swalpaahaarospi jaayate. There are many hues visible on his skin. He gets married only in middle age. He suffers from Vata ailments and also pimples, boils and skin ulcers of various kinds. He is forever sickly. He has many warts and moles on his body. He has digestive ailments and has a poor appetite.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Shaanti vinaati sutarramudaaro naraha sadachaaratostidheeraha. Vidwaaana, vipulatmajashru sheetaashusunau janane tanusthe. He is peaceful, orderly, gentle, decent, learned, well versed in the arts. He has many sons. Dansha keerti buddhyo yachchati. He starts acquiring prestige and fame from the early age of ten.

Jayadeva: There are only two things different from what has already been stated above. He has no dearth of women in his life and he is generous to the needy.

Kashinath: Lagne budhe cha geetagyo nishpaapo bhoopapujithaha. Roopagyaanayashoyuktaha pragalbho maanavo bhaveth. He excels in music, he is noble and avoids sin, he has prestige from the time of birth, he is knowledgeable, good looking, glorious and has a sharp intellect.

Vasishtha: Haanti doshashatam budhaha. Mercury is the destroyer of many malefic influences. Shashtosshtamastaha mritau janmakaale yada budhaha. Charturthavarshe mrityushru yadi rakshati shankaraha. However, if Mercury is in the ascendant, the Sixth House or the Fourth House, the child dies at age four.

Jaageshwar: Bhaved vanshacheta bhavechchilpakaaraha. Budhejyou vilagne sthithou vaadhipou chet balishtaham vaded vartulam vedakonam. The person’s entire lineage is destroyed. He can be a sculptor. He has a strong and burly physique.

Aryagranthakar: Tanugathashashiputre kaantimaanshchaatihrishto vimalamativishaalaha panditastasyaagasheelaha. Mitamridrishchibhaashi satyavaadi, vishaali, bahutarasukhabhaagi sarvakaalapravaasi. Radiant, beautiful, clear minded, learned, self-sacrificing, a man of few words, soft spoken, contented and has a reasonably well built physique.

Narayanabhatt: Budho moortigo maarjadinyarishtham varishto dhiyovaikhareevrittibhajaha. Janaadivyachaameekareebhootadehaashchikitsaavido dushchikitsyaa bhavanti. Mercury destroys troubles. The person is wise and given to reading and writing a lot. The person’s body glows like gold and his knowledge is equal to a teacher. If the person contracts any form of ailment, it is difficult to treat them.

Jeevanath: Everything he said has been covered above.


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