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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Baidhyanath: Vidhyavinodakalahapriyakrid vishaali bandhupakaararahitaha shashijesriyaate. He is learned, talented, quarrelsome, cowardly and one who does not help those in need.

Parashar: Budhaha shashtesrivriddhimcha. Gyen Naabhishu. His enemies increase constantly. He has a scar or a birthmark near the navel.

Vashishtha: Staanalaabham indujai mativiheenamanalparogam. He getes a lot of land. He is of dull intellect and forever ill.

Garg: Narapaalasya shatruhu. Neechaaribhavene sanyaasam. Ripuna vijayete saumyaha. Neechashchaastavakrashcha shashtarshe ripurishtakrit. Kanyaptayosthamaatulaha. He opposes the king. If Mercury is in a malefic influence or in a space ruled by a malefic planet the person renounces the world and becomes a mendicant. He is victorious over his enemies. If it is in a retrograde or malefic sign his enemies harass him constantly. His maternal uncle only has daughters, no sons.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Santatichittaha. Saptatrike saumyaha shatrubhayam. He is always youthful. At the age of 37 he starts worrying about his enemies.

Kashinath: Shashte budhe nrishansashcha virodihi sarvabandhu. Eershyaadheenaha kaamaparo vidhwaanaapi bhavenaaraha. He is cruel, greedy, debauched but learned.

Aryagranthakar: If Mercury is retrograde his enemies prosper, if it is directional, his enemies are destroyed.

Jayadeva: Vaadavit gunashaali. He excels in debate and is virtuous.

Narayanabhatt: Virodhi janaanaam ripunaam prabodhiyatinaam cha rodhosnilaanaam. Budhe sadvyaye vyavahaaro nidhinaam balaadharthakrit sambhavechchatrubhaave. This person opposes everyone he comes across. He is victorious over his enemies. He is knowledgeable enough to share learning with sages. He practices Yoga and Pranayam. He spends hi money on works that benefit the community in general and earns much wealth through hard work.

Jeevanath: Vaayunaam prabhavati vikaarospi jathare. Varaanaa. Ratnaanaam vyavhritti rativaartha janani. He suffers from gastric ailments. He prospers as a trader of gems. He opposes the king. If Mercury is in a low position or in a House ruled by a hostile planet the person ends up renouncing the world and becoming a mendicant. He defeats his enemies with ease. If Mercury is lowly positioned or retrograde or malefic the person’s enemies harass him.

Mantrehswara: It is the same as Jaageshwar.

Gholap: He serves fools. He has a rigid posture and is tormented by long lasting ailments. He is unhappy, poor, a sinner, debt-ridden, cruel and grief stricken. He is tormented by evil people and also by thieves.

Punjaraj: Shatrustho gyaha poonsaanaam noonam swapamrityum. He dies early and after a life-threatening incident.

Gopal Ratnakar: His mother dies. He is of an evil bent of mind.

Hillajaatak: Shastrasakaashaanmrittimarigye dwitrivatsare. He dies at the hands of his enemies at the age of two or three. This could also be interpreted as the age of 23.

Yavanmath: He is tired of the world, of a cruel nature and quarrels unnecessarily.

Paaschaatya Math: He is harangued by lazy servants, suffers from respiratory ailments and spondylitis. He has a weak chest and suffers from emotional problems. He dies of anxiety and tension. He does not prosper in self-employed ventures. He is a nuclear scientist or a writer. He has some interests in a printing press. If Mercury is in combination with a malefic influence of any kind, there is a possibility that the person may go mad and may commit suicide.


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