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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 21


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Narayanabhatt and Jeevanath: Vinaa laabhabhaave sthithe meshajaatam na laabho na laavanyamaanrinyamasti. Kritaha kanyakodwaahadaanam ch deyam katham bhoosurastyaktatrishnaa bhavanti. If Mercury is not in the Eleventh House, the House of Profit he will get neither wealth, not good luck, nor good looks nor freedom from debt. Where will he find the money to perform his daughter’s wedding? This man gets nothing in life if Mercury is not present in the Eleventh House.

Aryagranthakar: Shrutamatirnijavanshahitaha krisho bahudhanaha pramadaa janavallabhaha. Roochiraneelavapurgunalochano bhavati chaayagate shashije naraha. He is of superior intellect, works for the good of his clan. He has a dehydrated body, is extremely rich, beloved of women, has a dark complexion and attractive eyes. Everything else Jayadeva said is similar to other astrologers.

Kashinath Acharya: laabhe budhe nityalaabho neerogashcha sadaasukhi janaanuraaga vrittishcha keertimaanaapi jaayate. He has many gains. He is free of disease, is always happy and mixes well with people. He gets a lot of honour.

Mantreshwara: Bavhaayuhu satyasandho. He is long lived and truthful.

Jaageshwar: His descriptions are the same as other astrologers.

Punjaraj: Shashije kanyaapragyaha syaath tathaa. He has only daughters. Punjaraj has listed the same career prospects here that he laid down for the Tenth House.

Gholap: He completes all his projects with the King’s help. He is brave, stoic, radiant, charismatic, virtuous, noble, learned, popular, and one who gets endless pleasure from women.

Gopal Ratnakar: He increases his ancestral inheritance of agricultural land. He is well behaved, flexible and excellent at mathematics. He suffers from eye-disease.

Hillajaatak: The same as Yavanjaatak.

Yavanmath: He is wealthy, has many good sons, is intelligent and beloved of the king.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): If Mercury is strong the person gains much and if it is weak, the person suffers many losses. Its influence in various signs is thus: Aries – quarrelsome, Taurus – ill-mannered, Gemini – corrupt, Cancer – his friends are lowly, Leo – his friends are affluent, Virgo – learned and skilled, Libra – friendly with talented people, Scorpio- a quarrelsome cheat, Sagittarius – arrogant, Capricorn – a cheat and unreliable, Aquarius – has trustworthy friends, Pisces – a gossip who has many unfulfilled desires.

Agyaath: Bahumangalapradaha. Shilpalekhanacyapaarayoge anekaprakaarena dhanavaan. Ekaanvimshativarshaardupari kshetraputradhanavaan dayaavaan. Paaparkshe paapayute heenamulena dhanalopaha. Ucche sarvakshetre shubhayute shubhamoolena dhanavaan. This Mercury is beneficial and the person gains much wealth from sculpture, writing and trade. At the age of 19 he gets land, inheritance, wealth and children. If Mercury is in conjunction with a malefic planet then the person loses his wealth through bad habits. If it is exalted, or with beneficial planets, then his wealth increases because of his good habits.

My Thoughts: Most astrologers have laid down beneficial properties for Mercury in the Eleventh House. But even if Mercury is exalted and in conjunction with other beneficial planets all these benefits cannot be reaped because Venus and the Sun are inevitably close to Mercury in this location. Their malefic traits cannot be overlooked. Some astrologers have said great wealth is trait of Mercury but then they have said that in every house. This cannot be possible and if it were every individual in the world who has Mercury anywhere in his horoscope would be a millionaire. It is important while predicting the influence of a planet in a particular house, to keep in mind what that particular house rules over and also where that planet has its jurisdiction. It is incorrect to merely attribute everything in this fashion to Mercury. For example it is next to impossible to take any benefit from Mercury if it is in the House of Profit in the sign of Libra. Nor are there any benefits if the Sun is in the Tenth House, Venus in the Ninth, a retrograde Saturn in the Third House and Mars in the House of Wealth. It is impossible in some circumstances to get any benefit from Mercury.


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