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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

My Thoughts: In a neutral horoscope, Mercury is the ruler of the Third House. Therefore, ancient astrologers have depicted benefits as mentioned above. Since the Third House lies in the domain of Gemini, there are two categories of benefits from the planetary influence too: masculine and feminine. For debaters, poets, astrologers and writers it is imperative that this house has a beneficial influence exerted over it as their lives and livelihoods depend on being able to correctly express and communicate their thoughts. In my opinion, this House portents doom for the influence of beneficial planets as a rule. These beneficial attributes ascribed by the ancient astrologers according to me are applicable only in Aries, Leo, Libra, Virgo, the southern phases of Gemini and Sagittarius, and the northern phases of Virgo and Pisces, in feminine signs and also in the other signs not listed above, the attributes of Mercury are quite detrimental. Hillajaatak says there is great inheritance of wealth at age of 12 and Yavanjaatak says there is great loss of wealth at the same age. I find the latter is correct. This is because since the Sun precedes Mercury in the House of Wealth it destroys the possibility of ancestral wealth inheritance. Even an unknown astrologer has mentioned that at the age of 15 the person will have sons, which to my mind is ridiculous, not to mention unlikely. I do not rule out the possibility of inheriting agricultural land though I feel this depends on the prevalent planetary influences at the time. Overall, I must say this may happen in exceptional cases but will not be the usual norm. Similarly, I feel most of what of Gholap has laid down appear to be unrealistic.

My Experience: If Mercury is in a masculine sign the person’s education is completed. The person is peaceful and a positive thinker. He devotes his attention to hard work and progress. His signature is indicative of his clarity of thought. He writes fast and expresses noble thoughts through his writing. However, if Mercury is in a feminine sign, the opposite happens. A combine like Mercury in the Third House, Venus in the House of Wealth and Sun in either one of these houses teamed with an ascendant of Sagittarius, Cancer or Virgo, the person is bound to excel as an astrologer. If Venus rules the Third House and Mercury the House of Wealth, then too the same holds true. This is an auspicious combine for doctors and judges, as they have to deal with others’ problems keeping their own selves calm and unbiased. Mercury’s influence also helps hone their decision-making skills. This combine also benefits writers, etchers, artists and publishers. They however, have to constantly keep changing their place of residence. If Mercury’s influence is very strong, these people get their share of luck at the age of 24. If it is only moderately strong, they get it at age 36 and if Mercury is influenced by any malefic planet the person gets not great share of good fortune.

Mercury in the Fourth House

Acharya and Gunakar: Panditaha. They are scholars.

Kalyanavarma: Panditamahuhu subhago vahanyukto budhehibukasansthe. Suparichchadaha subandhurbhavati naraha paandito nityam. He is a scholar, good looking, has many vehicles and is born in a good family.

Baidhyanath: Bandhusthe shashije vibandhurmalgyaani dhani paanditaha. He is not a man given to self-centered behaviour. His knowledge is pure. He is wealthy and learned. Jaato vidhyavinayachatu shrandrasunau balishtthaha. This person is knowledgeable, courteous, intelligent and strong.

Garg: Bahumitro bahudhano bandhou paapam vina budha. Naanaarasavilaasi cha sapaape tvayanyatha falam. Chitram budhecha vigyeyam budhe swarna grihe tasya. Bandhushra sarvakaaryeshu mitro mishrafalapradaha. Mercury in this place bestows great wealth on a person if it is not influenced by any malefic planet. The person also makes many friends and gets a vivid experience of many unusual aspects of life. If Mercury is in a malefic influence, the opposite happens. But in any event, he gets to stay in any unusual places. It should never be forgotten that Mercury is the significator for many good friends.

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