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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Vaishnavatantra: Lagnaat tritiyabhavane yadi somasuto bhaveth. Dwou putrou kanyakaastistro jaayante naatra sanshayaha. The person has two sons and three daughters.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Saahasi cha parivaraarajanaaddachyashrittashuddhirahito hatasaukhyaha. Maanavaha kushalavaan hitkartaa sheetabhaanutanujesnujasansthe. This person is brave and has a large family. He is not of good character and he is forever unhappy. He is intelligent and crafty. At the age of 12 he suffers loss of wealth.

Aryagranthakar: The same as Brihadyavanajaatak.

Vasishtha: Riddhim, anyabhitim. This person is self-sufficient but fears others.

Kashinath: Tritiyasthe budhe jaathaha prashastho bandhumanithaha. Dharmadhwajee yashaswi cha gurudevarchako bhaveth. This person has a good physique, many dear friends, he is religious, radiant and one who respects his teachers and deities. Swajanyuka jadadheerbahusaahasaha kumalataa kumanaastrigate budhe. This person has many friends, is of dull intellect, he is brave but his mind is full of evil thoughts.

Narayanabhatt: Vanikamitrataapanyakridvrittishaali vashitvam dhiyo durvashaanaamupaiti. Vineetostibhogam bhajeth sanyased va triteeyesbujairaashrito gye lataavat. This person benefits from trade and from making friends with traders. He uses wits to rule others. He is soft spoken. He may either be very industrious or end up as a hermit. He will have to support his brothers in the same manner in which a tree supports its branches.

Jeevanath: What he says is the same as Narayanabhatt.

Jaageshwar: Budhe budhdhimaan vikrame dharmasheelo bhavelleelaya rogabhaak sarvakaalam. Swasaaro bhavanti dhruvam pancha khetatastha saahasi chittashudhdha viheenaha. This person is intelligent, spiritual, forever ill but brave. He has five sisters and all of them are of easy virtue.

Mantreshwara: Shourya shooraha suhasajsahitaha sashramo dainyayuktaha. He is brave, of middle age, has decent brothers, is hard working and friendly.

Gholap: The person’s profession requires him to use arms. He is a patriot and full of grace. He has good, decent sons, he is a poet. He is also full of pride, radiant, virtuous, endowed with property has good brothers and a beautiful wife.

Gopal Ratnakar: The person is happy and wealthy. He has many siblings and the relationship is harmonious with them.

Hillajaatak: Tritiyodwadasho varshe. The person gets wealth at the age of 12.

Yavanmath: The person is brave, rich, kind, and is the beloved of friends and many women. He is always peaceful and content.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): If Mercury is in the Air sign the person is industrious. He excels in scriptures, astrology and the occult. In Cancer or Pisces signs or if the person is influence and there is no influence of Saturn, the person is unstable and a coward but excels in oratory, written or communicative skills. If Jupiter exerts its influence, the person can do well in legal supervisory fields and may make a good judge. If Mars exerts its influence beneficially, the person becomes a brilliant geologist. He is generous and charitable and travels a lot.

Agyaath: Bhraatrimaan, bahusaukhyamaan. Panchadarsharshe kshetraputraytaha, dhanalaabhavaan, sadgunashaali. Bhaavaadhipe balayute deerghayuhu. Dhairyavaan. Bhaavaadhipe durable bhratripeedaa bheetimaan. Balayute bhraata deerghayuhu. He has brothers and they are happy. At the age of 14 the person inherits a large amount of agricultural property and soon begets children who can inherit it from him. The man is wealthy and virtuous. If the planet ruling the Third House is strong the person is brave and enjoys a long life span. If the planetary influences are weak, the person is a coward and does not enjoy a harmonious relationship with his brothers. Only if Mercury’s influence in the Third House is strong, do the person’s brothers live a long life.


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