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Mars & Mercury: Mercury, Chapter XIX, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Shape and Features of Mercury

In this chapter, we will deal with the colours and physical appearance of the planet. Before we enter a debate on the properties of Mercury let us, examine what ancient writers have said about this planet.

Acharya: Durvaashyaamo gyaha. Its colour is wheatish like the Durva grass. Haritaha – It is greenish tinged. It smells rotten and dominates the playground. Its element is skin and the season it dominates is monsoons. Its main interest is friendship and it is predominant in adolescence. Its presence is felt in seashells.

Baidhyanath: Sheerasagyaha. It rises from near the head. Gyau vihagaswaroopaha. It resembles a bird in shape. Budhaalayagraamacharo gurugyau. Mercury and Jupiter are two planets, which are often found dominant in the homes or villages of the learned. Shaakhadhipo bodhanaha. It is blessed with many facets. Its dominant deity is Hari (a form of Vishnu), its gems are emeralds or blue Lapis Lazuli, its direction is North, its territory – from the Vindhyas to the river Ganga, its caste is Shudra though it possesses the properties and traits of ruler ship and its gender is emasculate.

Parashar: The majority of the traits are similar to those described above by Baidhyanath. Besides, he says, Mercury is the lord of the skin. Drishti kataaskshena indusoonoho. Its influence is crooked and not in a straight direction. If it is strong, it dominates all other planets in its area of influence. Nature – chandrastutasu mishraha. Its nature is trusting. It can only be defeated by Venus. The time of strength: kanyaanriyugmabhavanne nijavaaravarge chaape vina ravimaharnishamindusoonuhu. Saumyaayane cha balavaanapi rashimadhye lagne sada yadi yashobalavridwithaha syaath. In Virgo and Gemini signs, on Tuesdays, in cases where Mercury rules its own house or the ascendant; in Sagittarius if it is without the Sun at night or in the day; in Taurus in the North or in the central phases of the horoscope; these are the places where Mercury is strong. If Mercury is in the ascendant it brings success, wisdom and luck. If it is combined with a malefic Rahu, Mercury dispels all the evil influences of Rahu. But Mercury is weak in the Fourth House.

Kalyanavarma: Budhonarakaadhivaasanaam. Mercury is the lord of hell. Shashijotharvavedarata. It is also the lord of the Atharva Veda. Pratharbudhaha. Mercury is strong in the morning. The remaining properties are as described by Baidhyanath.

Jayadeva: Budho graamchaari. It is a planet, which roams around villages. Budhyaat jeevanchitra. Mercury is the perfect guides for advice on all matters concerning life. Braahmanorohinibhavaha. Its caste is Brahmin. Shishuhu soumyaha. Its stage is infancy. Shoodhradheeshachandraputraha. It lords over all Shudras. Its clothing is wet and forever dripping with water.

Gunakar: Its colour is blue, its element – copper and its place is the playground.

Mantreshwara: Its colour is wheatish, it rules over all forms of grams and chick-peas, its territory is the erstwhile kingdom of Magadh now South Bihar, its dominance is till the age of 20, and usually people ruled by Mercury have a mark on the right side of the body.

Ramdayal: Budhovaishyaha. Its colour is that of a Vaishya (dark).

Sarvarth Chintamani: Vid vaishyaha. Vastram haritam shyaamam kshoumama. Its clothing is greenish-yellow and silken in appearance.

Punjaraj: Gyaha tamashraha, tiryagbudhaha. Mercury is the ruler of hell and of bad habits.

Kalidasa: Its clothes are new but wet. It rules the winter. It rules the throat and the naval. Its territory is the playground and also the garden.

William Lily: Its colour is silvery blue and it shimmers like moonlight. Its dominance is approximately three hours and 35 minutes in the South and three hours and 33 minutes in the North. It cannot be described as either masculine or feminine as it assumes these properties depending on which other planets it aligns with. If it aligns with a masculine planet it takes on masculine attributes and in conjunction with feminine planets its assumes feminine properties. It is clear, dry and of a depressive nature. Mercury is a planet, which can convert even as palace into a place of work, so lowering can its influence be.


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