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Mars & Mercury: Mercury, Chapter XIX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The four stages of Mercury

There is a film, which states that there are ten stages to a human life.

(1). Birth

(2) Childhood in the first ten years which is the stage for fun and frolic

(3) The next ten years till the age of 20 are the stage of study and character formation in which the youth is carefree, content and even arrogant in his bliss since all he has to do is eat and live and make merry with friends.

(4) Thereafter till age 30 comes the stage where he has to work hard and toil to prove himself. In some cases, he could be married and even have a child in this stage. Professionally, he ambitious and self-centered and wants to be a leader.

(5) Then till the age of 40, he has some more children. Professionally he is a bit spent and has learnt that success and failure follow each other in the life cycle. He has spent some time in the courts but still has not touched the wisdom that accompanies old age.

(6) And so on till death, five more stages are described.

From the scriptural point of view, there are seven stages to a man’s life: birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age, old age and death. Of these adolescence, youth, middle age and old age in particular bear significance. In adolescence an individual’s personality beings to develop and people must take care to protect their children from bad company or wrong influences at this stage and instead channel their energies towards study and learning. And thus, the child enters youth as a complete person.

This is the stage when his bodily urges emerge and it is therefore a parent’s responsibility to find an eligible spouse for the youth and effect a marriage. If bodily urges are not channelled in this manner, the child could blunder in the wrong direction in pursuit of physical pleasure. This can evidently have the worst kind of repercussions for later life. Incidentally, youth is the stage at which the individual has to start working. In middle age, the individual has to worry about providing for his or her children and also faces unlimited opportunities at work with a mixed potential for success and failure. In old age, the person discovers that his children have become mature and are well able to take responsibility for themselves. This is the age for reflection and retrospection because of which many elderly people are pensive and sometimes materialistic.

In the planetary world, Mercury occupies the Fourth Place and it has four stages. It influences Gemini, Libra and Aquarius in adolescence, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius in youth, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in middle age and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in old age.

Mercury in adolescence brings a thirst for learning, initiative and entrepreneurship throughout the person’s life. But the person’s nature is stubborn, quick to anger and lustful. He has a tendency to talk too much but has a calm temperament.

Mercury in youth renders a person materialistic with a lust for luxury, quarrelsome but yet learned and wise, He is arrogant in great measure and resents any questioning of his knowledge or authority.

In the middle age, Mercury brings a wisdom and maturity that was lacking earlier. The person becomes good at advising others and a special property of Mercury ruling a middle-aged person is his unwillingness to misuse his knowledge and powers.

In old age, Mercury does the exact opposite. The person starts misusing the knowledge acquired during the course of life and even having achieved nothing himself, this person develops the habit of putting others down.

Thus, we have seen the four stages of Mercury.


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