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Mars & Mercury: Mars Transiting the Houses, Chapter XIII, Part 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7. This could open an exciting or stimulating period in your relations with your public, partners or marriage affairs. You are inclined to pioneer in business along new lines, experiencing some shift in reputation or prestige. Luck is with you once sound judgement assures practical developments of affairs. Shift with the times or in response to the new trend of affairs, avoiding friction or conflict with others. Make your own decisions or take your time in analyzing conditions, as long range perspective assures success or benefit. A flexible approach being essential for a time.

8. This can emphasize possible adjustments in your financial relationships. You may find other people a bit too impulsive in spending. Avoid endeavoring to keep up with others for a time. Conditions are less predictable or certain with friends or partners or you stand the chance of making a mistake should you go into debt. Hence be alert to long term possibilities rather than quick profits. You naturally seek cooperation in others, but this appears to be a period when judgement is essential if the element of risk is involved. Rather continue to develop things you have started in the last year.

9. You can view the trend of affairs philosophically during this period. You should be however, alert to the practicability of your ideas and plans. Events stir you deeply in terms of inner feelings and emotions, stimulating a desire for expressions which at times may not reach full expression. Concentrating on working out ideas, assuring improvement and in widening mental or spiritual perspective. Be thoughtful with relatives or people close to you.

10. You can apt to be in rather an exciting and eventful period in respect to your work or profession, ambitions and affairs. Take things in your stride, assuring smooth developments of affairs. Curb personal restlessness or extremes of dissatisfaction incline you to force issues. Reach objectives with tact and reserve. But examine awakening potentialities of talent and new inclinations of personality thoughtfully. Your individualism is at a high peak, and you win most in avoiding disruptive or overaggressive moods which can arise suddenly or without warning.

11. The prolonged stimulus can be basically favorable. You are likely to be more active along social and pleasure lines. You should however, be sound and practical regarding appeals and to your sympathies by friends or other people. Use discrimination in financial affairs, largely in relation to speculative or risky ventures. Balance natural conservatism with aggressiveness in pursuing objectives. If popularity along social lines must be made at too high a price use discrimination.

12. This period may not be too active for you. There is however, an urge to get started on important interests or affairs. This could stir you up inwardly, and best accomplishment can be made without fanfare or excitement. Use discrimination along health lines or be moderate. Test your ideas and especially your plans for the future. Get set for greater initiative and purpose when Mars moves to your first House.

Shanker Adawal

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