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Mars & Mercury: Mars Transiting the Houses, Chapter XIII, Part 1

Chapter 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1.. You are at the peak of your activity cycle. Events or conditions stimulate and increase your determination, power of will, confidence, vitality and aggressiveness. You are in a rather emotional period when anything can happen too fast. You do best slowing up. Watch your temper as breaks or upsets can be permanent. Avoid impulse by making your feelings or emotions work for rather than against you.

2. You succeed in increasing income and in adding to possession of things you feel are essential. You will need good judgement at times if originality and inventiveness in enterprise or along speculative lines tempts you to take chances. It is best to survey conditions or chart your course scientifically, resisting impulse or haste which can carry you out over your depth, or catch you unprepared. Be alert to the trend of the times.

3. You win by courageous mental approach to situations. It is likely you prove more mentally positive or reveal nature brilliance intellectually. Se most discrimination in making shifts or changes in plans or ideas and in traveling. Avoid nervous tension by proper relaxation and by good organization or system in work. Conditions may increase the need for you to make vocational adjustments, and you win in assuring the right philosophical attitude.

4. This opens a dynamic period for you which may force some major decision in private life. This calls for good judgement. The stability of affairs depends on your own previous actions. You have been for some time in a period during which life has been in many of its aspects less stable, or in which you have been in many of its aspects less stable, or in which you have been less easily satisfied or content.

5. You are under a long term friendly aspects, but may need to make adjustments in your social life and your financial relations with others in business. Natural shrewdness or realism should be emphasized for a time along enterprise lines. Study conditions, especially in terms of speculative ventures involving you with others. This also vitalize your emotional nature and encourages exciting response in romance, social life and a long pleasure lines. In more serious affairs keep alert to current trends of conditions.

6. It appears best for you to assure progress along routine lines. Keep alert to the changing pattern of affairs just the same, largely in terms of personal or business service, and your relation with people under your authority.


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