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Mars and Mercury: Mars, Chapter II, Part - 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Youth: Mars has been described as youthful because when seen through a telescope it seems to glow like fire. A person influenced by Mars appears to be 24 even when he is 42.

Piercing eyes: Just as one cannot stare directly at a fire it is difficult to lock eyes with a person under the influence of Mars. His demeanour is that of a dangerous man.

Geneerous: Mankind has reaped innumerable benefits from fire since it was known to humanity. Since fire is a characteristic of Mars, people ruled by this planet are generous and selfless.

Temperament: Since heat is a property of fire, the attendant warmth renders this person’s constitution as pitha which is characterized by heat in the body.

Corrupt: People of Pitha temperament are necessarily corrupt.

Slim waist: This trait is usually manifested in those who are in uniformed jobs like those in the police or the army.

Height: Usually those in the uniformed forces are extremely tall. But Mars ruled physicians, chemists, butchers, tailors, goldsmiths, ironsmiths, sweepers, barbers, cooks, cowherds, politicians, arms dealers, arms manufacturers, and factory workers are quite short.

Colour: Mars appears to be a reddish gold colour even when seen from the naked eye and hence its colouring is bestowed on people it rules.

Colour of eyes: Experience shows that the pupils are jet black and the white portion surrounding it has little red veins running all over which make it seem reddish. The eyes are piercing. There are however those in whom the white of the eye is extremely white and the gaze more like a jackal. The eyes are small and mischievous. This second type of eyes are found in short men.

Radiance: There is a radiance bestowed by Mars on the bodies of those who are ruled by it.

Bone marrow: Saying that the bone marrow is in abundance is the same as saying that a person’s intellect is strong. In the ancient times it was believed that the marrow was the source of nutrition for the intellect. And this is evident from the fact that those influenced by Mars like mathematicians, play wrights, poets, writers and legislators have all an abundance of intellect.

Blood red: Since Mars is red, the clothes favoured by people ruled by it are also usually red.


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