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Mars and Mercury: Mars, Chapter II, Part - 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Punjaraj: Hinstro yuva paitrikam raktagauraha pingekshano prachandaha, Shooropyodaaraha satamaastrikono majjaadhaadhiko bhootanayaha sagaravaha. This person is destructive, youthful, of pitha temperament, reddish brown complexioned, with eyes like a flame, of a militant nature, brave, generous, arrogant and sinful. His face is triangular and there is a lot of marrow in his bones.

Mahadev: Dushta hak tarunaha krishamadhyo raktasitaangaga paitrikashamchala dheerudaaraha prataapyaaraha. His physique is flawed. He is young, reddish complexioned, of pitha constitution, mischievous, generous, brave and has a slim waist.

William Lily: Those ruled by Mars are of medium height and sturdy physiques. They have large bones and are generally dehydrated. Their complexion is reddish and that includes a rust toned colouring of hair. Their physique is angular and sharp and their bearing is confident and fearless. Such persons are hardworking and fearless. If Mars is in the Eats, the person is brave, fair complexioned and tall. Such persons have very hairy bodies. If it is in the West the person’s complexion is very red and he is short. His forehead is narrow and skin is smooth. Body hair is sparse. His hair is yellowish and his manner is dry.

Simonite: He has a good physique but is short. His body is dehydrated. His constitution is strong. His colouring is red and his physique is muscular. He has a crooked nose, red and glossy hair, an appearance that glows like the fire, a good forehead. The person is industrious, disease free and ambitious, these are the traits of Mars.

Now, referring to the properties bestowed by Mars depending on its placement in the horoscope William Lily says: brave and valiant, one who assumes that all others are fools, one who ignore trends, self confident, bony physique, courageous, always ready for battle, one who is forever getting into trouble, one will not concede defeat on any count, one who praises himself all the time, one who believes that his are the greatest achievement but immerses himself in work at all times. If Mars is malefic in a horoscope, the person is a chatterbox, has a poor physique, quarrelsome, destructive, is a thief and murderer, is debauched and a sinner. He is fickle like a gust of wind, a dacoit though brave, cruel to the point of being inhuman, and one who does not fear god. He does not care for anyone, he is not trustworthy, is fearsome and a terrorist by nature. Describing the benefits granted by Mars when it is an a good position in the sky, Acharya says: Vipulaavimalamurtihi kinshukashokavarnaha sfoota ruchira mayukhastaptataamraha prabhaabhaha. Vicharati yadi maarge chotaram medineejaha. Shubhakridavanipaanaam haardidashcha prajaanaam. This means his body is large, his complexion red like the flowers of the Ashoka or Kinshuk tree, its rays are clean and pure, their colour is like that of copper purified in fire. Our almanacs don’t specify when planets move to the eastern or western directions but thankfully Raphael’s English Almanac has the necessary information conveniently arranged in a daily format.

Discussion on what has been described above: Most of these descriptions are based on the observations of ancient sages but it must be kept in mind that they did not have access to modern day instruments like telescopes. Hence most of the descriptions are based on observations through the naked eye and for the most part they are repetitive.


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