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2 Transit and Progeny:

D1 Chart (with transit at Rajive birth on 20.8.44 in grey):

a) At the time of birth of 1st son Rajive and transited Leo – 2H in natal chart; transited Gemini – 12H in natal chart and was in Virgo 3H of natal chart.

D1 Chart (with transit at birth of 2nd son on 14.12.46 in grey):

b) At the time of birth of 2nd son Sanjay and transited Libra;l SatR Cancer; in Sagittarius, and 4 in Scorpio and in Leo.

c) By placing the above in natal chart it can be seen that many of the following conditions necessary for fructification of 5H resulting in birth of progeny are satisfied.

d) & ‘s Transit – (PAC) with (from Lagna &)

i) Lagna or LL

ii) 5H or 5L

iii) 9H or 9L

iv) Alternately, with 5H, 5L, 9H & 9L all the four.

v) By &: within 9 months

vi) By: within 75 days

vii) By: within 30 days

viii) By: within 72 hours

ix) Dispositor of also to have

x) Retrograde planet from previous house also.

xi) Similarly, examine in Navamsha also.

e) Transit of LL over:

i) OH/Exalted sign.

ii) 5H/5L

iii) Rashi trinal to 5L

iv) It can also be applied to Putra Saham: (+ Asc.).

VI Political success:

1 Promise for Political successes – Parameters and their status:

a) as 4L – lord of 4H indicate ting crown and 11L-indicating gain of position and honours is in 6H – house of politics and masses. 6H is 9th from 10H and is house of professional fortune and successes. It is on axis indicating some sort of suddenness and also secret planning. It is aspected by retrograde (6L/9L) from previous house making her very popular and fortunate in political field.

b) – as 10L/5L represent professional successes and state is Yogakaraka posited in 2H and has aspect of retrograde (6L/9L) from previous house. It has a powerful exchange with karaka of state in 5H – a Lakshmi Sthana and represent state also. Also aspected by. All these show popularity and success in political field and gain of political crown.

c) representing masses is in lagna aspected by LL – from 7H, giving her great popularity.

d) – the DL is also aspected by – 6L/9L making her extremely fortunate and successful.

e) Thus all the parameter concerning political, successes and gain of state crown are strongly posited and are auspiciously inter-related in the horoscope.
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