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Case Study: Transit and Ashatakvarga

a) Possible D/AD during the period are AD of in Dasha of Rahu and AD of in ‘s Dasha. ‘s AD of 7L is most probable. The period of Saturn AD in Dasha of Rahu was from 18 Dec, 1941 to 24 Oct, 44. Both the planets are marriage-giving planets. Indira actually married Firoz – a person outside her religion on 29.3.42. Dasha scheme operative at that time was.

2 Transit and Marriage:

D1 Chart (Marriage date 29.3.42 transit in grey):

a) On the day of marriage & was transiting Taurus and had aspect over one of the pair (in Natal):

i) aspected LL and 7H

ii) aspected Lag. And 7L

iii) common period as period of marriage.

b) from previous house aspected Lagna and 5L showing marriage in coming year.

c) in transit aspected from Aries over one of the pairs Lagna and 7L – Marriage within 45 days when it was in Taurus..

d) ‘s longitude during transit was 22:28 very close to ‘s natal degree 21:00 near to natal ‘s long. – marriage time.

i) Transit of was in Capricorn over LL & 7H confirming marriage.

e) Transit of & over. (Alternate method):

i) transiting is in Taurus 5/9th from 7th in Rashi and Navamsha.

ii) is related in transit with 5Hl 5L and within year from Aries did the same.

f) Transit of:

i) transited Pisces 5/9 to natal representing 2L – family.

g) Transit of:

i) transited Cancer – direct connection to Lag/7H and LL/7H and trine to natal karaka for husband.

h) Thus multiple transit factors favouring marriage actually resulted in its fructification on 29 Mar 1942.

i) Similarly Transit – Mathematical methods can be tested.

3 Marriage and Ashtakavarga:

a) ‘s transit over 5/9 from natal or having 5 or more bindus in ‘s AV: In natal chart is in 7H in Capricorn sign, which has 5 bindus in ‘s BAV. Was transiting trine to Capricorn in Taurus giving fructification of marriage.

b) ‘s transit over remainder (Nakshatra or sign or trines there from) of:

i) (Shodhya Pinda of) x (Bindu in 7th from in ‘s BAV) / 27 or 12.

(SP of 134 x 2 Bindu in 7th from) = 268 268/27 gives R=25 i.e. trine of ‘s nakshatra – U. Bhadra, Vishakha and Punarvasu. Similarly, 268/12 give R=4 indicating Cancer or its trine as D/AD lords. This rule is not fitting the case as 5 was transiting Rohibi at the time of marriage.

V Progeny Analysis:

1 Progeny Promise – Progeny parameters and their status in the horoscope:

a) 5H is in Scorpio with, 2L indicating family and a Great Friend in the horoscope with natural benefic aspected by and –two male planets – being 5L and Karaka for progeny
both male planets indicate male progeny.
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