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Whether Short Life is in Store for the Native - Astro Analysis

An important point had been raised with regard to longevity of the native. Some astrologer might have hinted short life for the native – female and a Homeopath doctor.

The opinion of the other astrologer had not been brought to my notice – only birth details were given.

The native was born when Pisces ruled by Jupiter was rising. Jupiter is well placed though in 6th house, and causes Gaj-Kesri Kesri Yoga and this placement of Jupiter itself might have made the native an educated persons rising upto to the position of a doctor.

Lagna has Venus whose degree is only 29.59 i.e. very feeble and in chalet Venus remains in the same position. Only Saturn shifts to 6th House. The Major period of Venus upto 6th June 2002 is already over.

Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Saturn in Chalit get to 6th house i.e. house of diseases among other significations but they may not affect the longevity.

The natives has also Budh-aditya yoga i.e. the Sun and Mercury in 12th House.

The native ws however born under Megha Nakshtra-a Gandh-mula Nakshtra. It is not known whether needed `Puja’ was done and if not this can be done now as per astrological advice.

The longevity may also improve with the matching of horoscope with the Husband’s horoscope. However, Saturn in 7th Hour may delay the marriage and may not deny the same.

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