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Remedial measures collected from different sources

Some of the remedial measures have been suggested in earlier write ups. The suggested remedial are in general and the author takes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of his life. Please consult the Editor, Astrology-the Soul of All with horoscope. While practicing the remedial measure, please avoid drinks, non-veg. food and also illicit relations.

1. for the safety of conception.

It has been seen that in some cases there are pre-mature deliveries and in other cases children do not survive. From the day of conception, a red thread should be tied around the right arm of the pregnant lady. After the delivery, the thread should be tied (thread to be transferred) to the arm of the child. A new thread should also be tied on the arm of the lady and this should continue for 18 months.

2. For prosperity of children right from birth.

Worship Lord Ganesha regularly and Visit Lord Ganesha temple regularly for 40 days.

3.  Non-survival of children:

(i) Spare part of your daily food for cows, crows and dogs.

(ii) Distribute salt and salty preparations on birthday of the child.

4. For all about self – Maya, Jiva, Soul – Moksha, spiritualism, educational qualifications, intelligence:

(i) Try no to accept alms/donations from others. Have faith in your own luck

(ii) Maintain good moral character.

(iii) Drink water or milk in silver vessel.

(iv)  Put Copper nails in the feet of the bed or consult with your horoscope.

5. For wealth, education, honour and mental bliss:

(i) Tilak on the fore-head or use of kesar and `haldi’.

(ii) Donate milk, rice or silver

(iii) Offer coconuts, oil or almonds to temples.

(iv) Obtain blessings of parents especially of mother. Keep rice/silver given by parents. Take some `sugar’ or `misri’ from mother when going out.

6. For removal of all typos of misfortunes/adversities the domestic life.

(i) Do Worship of Lord Shiva or recite Mahamritunjaya Mantra.

(ii) Do Maa Durga Pooja.

(iii) Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

(iv) Avoid dancing affairs in the house.

7. For welfare of children

(i) Obtain the blessings of your diety or family priests. Respect elders.

(ii) Service of `Sages and sadhya’ Clean the places of worship including Shiva Temples.

(iii) Visit religious places from time to time and also do religious acts.

8. For providential help – God’s grace:

(i) Spare few minutes daily for remembering God – some type of meditation/worship/recitation of Mantras.

(ii) Wear Gold/Pukhraj/Pearl as may be suggested or consult.

(iii) Visit temple or your religious place and bow head.

9. Remedial measure for propitiation of Saturn (in general).

(i) Fast on Saturday.

(ii) Worship Lord Shiva to the extent you can and the way you can.

(iii) Milk the serpents or give donations to Serpents.

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