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Astrological Tips to Astrologers

We (Astrologers) should understand human psychology minutely.

Astrology says that we (astrologers) should motivate the real love towards every person who is in contact and understand their (human) psychology before come to any conclusion.

The influence of stars and planets on our lives simply cannot be ignored or denied. Two children may be born at the same time, at the same place, same parent but yet their fortune vary. One could be doctor and other could be multi millionaire. An Astrologer has to analyze the impact of the whole horoscope, in totality to pass verdict on any aspect of life. Astrology plays a more productive and beneficial role in the interest of the common man.

Astrology/Palmistry, Numerology. Face Reading, Yoga and Meditation are the basic things an Astrologer should know.

The basic scientific theories of Astrology which revolve a around the planets and the signs and the planetary configurations have to be interpreted and analyzed in an equally scientific and skillful manner and this can be done only by learned Astrologer.

Second House in Horoscope

The second house is house of Financial Prosperity and your Fortune. If Jupiter and Mars are in the 2nd house the native will be fortunate to possess good wealth and riches. The Moon in the 2nd house will give wealth through mother, sister, wife or female relations. The Mars in the 2nd House gives native gains through brothers and landed property. He will be able to earn money well. Mercury in the 2nd House gives lot of riches and wealth One earns through intelligence. Benefics like Jupiter, Moon, Venus in the second house give good riches. Venus: - Gains through gifts. Also gain through wife and inheritance Jupiter is favourable for financial prosperity and fortune. It gives wealth and riches, name and fame. Rahu/Ketu in 2nd house gives financial fluctuations, strains and financial losses.

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