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Search Your Inner Soul VIA Meditation

1.  Meditation has to be traced to God’s mercy irrespective of the faith one has Gita, Quran or Bible. The native on whom God’s mercy descends is completely relieved of afflictions and evils. This is automatic when one gets involved in meditation or remembering the God- Almighty. In such a situation, health remains normal and the native become ‘wealthy’ in the real sense.

2.  Promise to do a particular ‘service’ in the name of God must be fulfilled and oaths made in the past can be symbolically achieved in their real form. Wearing a tartan and also having a sword continues to be a ‘symbol’ and speak of manliness. Also men in Yemen must wear a sword and there it also becomes a symbol of manliness though this stand reduced to few persons in the present day. Among the Sikhs, having a sword (Kirpan)is a matter of faith (religion) and thus it become impossible to dissuade them wearing swords and no law can do that.

3.  Among Christians, ‘the cross’ is held scared and it is their religious emblem. The cross is used in several ways and one of them is to wear ‘cross’ on the body- a symbol as full- sized cross may not be put on the body. All these speak of modern way of keeping the faith and tradition.

4.  Meditation is done for different objects and one of such objects is ‘moksha’ which has in built theory of ‘re-incarnation’ and this as the belief goes is the result of ‘karmas’ of previous birth. When a native is born, the birth stars indicate something about the previous incarnation. Actually, the Karma in the present incarnation is equally important and the character/ personality depend on the karma. The circle of birth- re- birth is a continuous as one dies as mineral and become a plant, and an animal dies and becomes a man (human being). Be that as it may, certain prejudices must be removed. It is wrong to say that re- incarnation is the product of over- head/ superstitious of India mind. Shakespeare, Tennyson, Aristotle and many more had expressed belief in the theory of incarnation. Here, the question whether the theory of evolution holds good or not need consideration. According to the science of Zoology and Botany, every species is born out of its original one and all species must have existed from the beginning. In other words, whether it would be correct to refer to 84 lacs of birth including from man to animal etc. This is still an open question for debate and discussion.

5. All scientists agree that there are some fundamental laws which govern the creation and continuance of the universe and life. The orderliness in nature is admitted by all as the death is inevitable irrespective of the age one may have. Even the Tallest Man of the World Mohammed Alam Channa (Pakistan) died recently on account of kidney failures (Hindustan Times 4.7.1998).

6.  While searching your inner soul, it may come to mind that the concept of God at the back of creation is a reality. If God’s hand in the creation of the universe and life is accepted, then the big question raised by the scientists as to who created God becomes meaningless. God is formless and eternal. Mahatma Gandhi wrote in the Harijan dated 6th May, 1933, that God will not be God if he allowed himself to be an object of proff. If God’s role in creation of the Universe and life is not accepted, there is no scope to believe in religion, rebirth, continuity of the soul, law of karma. Astrology (the divine science), moksha etc.

7. While in meditation and getting deeper into the existence of Universe and life, the question still remain a puzzled. Modern science has not yet provided final answers to the unanswered questions as to how the universe began and how life was created. For this article, it would be apt to say that anyone with a scientific outlook is bound to accept that it conforms to certain laws and maintains an order.

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