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Rahu in association with other planets – Effects check your horoscope

Rahu the Dragon Head and known to be the Node of the Moon has an important role to play in the lives of all the natives and also in Mundane Astrology. Though it does not own any sign but it owns three Nakshtras i.e. Ardra, Swati and Satbhisha and they have different results. Before detailed matters are discussed, it would suffice to say that Rahu, when associated with the Sun, the Moon, Mars etc. depending on the sign/house/aspect etc.


 Keep in mind the following principles foe correct analysis of the horoscope:


1)    Rahu/ Mercury/ Saturn in the 10th house –something may result in amputation of the leg.


2)    Rahu or Ketu with the Ascendant lord and the Moon or with Mercury in a house will indicate the skin disease on the part of the body ruled by the house. Rahu can produce white leprosy, white spots also when combined with the Ascendant lord and Mercury.


3)    Rahu aspected by Saturn, Venus and Mercury becomes very powerful to do good. Although Rahu is stated to be friend of Mercury. Venus and Saturn, but the conjunction with these planets causes more affliction than otherwise. Actually Rahu is no one's friend.


4)    Capricon Ascendant, Rahu 3rd to Mercury, success indicated as a farmer or dairy owner. Large number of cattle and wealth is also indicated. The native will enjoy great comforts.


5)    Mercury/ Jupiter in the 2nd house and Rahu identical to Gemini, the native will be benefited by his well to-do relations.


6)    Rahu in conjunction with Jupiter in the 7th house and Mercury in the 9th house, the person will live in foreign lands.


7)    Saturn, Rahu in the 12th house with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the 5th house will be bad for the longevity.


8)    Rahu in an angle (1 -4 -10) with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, the person will be a healthy – strong man. He will have good children, honour etc. and will be long lived.


9)    Rahu posted in 8th from Mercury, the parents will be sickly and rendered unfortunate.



10) Rahu and Ketu with Mercury and ruler of the 2nd house posited in the 6th can gives rise to diseases of the mouth, ear and nose.



11) Mercury 2nd to Rahu, the native will leave the country of birth and will reside in foreign land.


12) Rahu in 7th to Mercury may give chickenpox or smallpox in childhood.


13) Rahu / Mercury in the 4th house give gains and money. It gives high position and social status, but it is seen if the sign is Pisces there will be sorrows due to relations, friend and children.


14) Mercury with Ketu or Rahu in the 6th or 12th house and heavily affected gives rise to a disease which cannot be diagnose /cured. Even nervous breakdown or insanity is caused.


15) Rahu in conjunction with Venus in the 4th house will give all comforts and pleasures but if Mercury joins them, the native will indulge in sexual excesses, damaging his health.


16) Rahu in conjunction with Mercury in the 5th house may affect the brain.


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