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Antra Dasha of Ketu


On Vimshotri Dasha System, the effects of Maha- dasha Lords of all the planets including of Rahu and Ketu were discussed.

Reiterating the basic principle, you must know the strength of the planet whether in exaltation/ own sign, in Kendra or trikona position, in debilitation/ combust position and what is the influence of malefic planets by way of aspect, conjunction and position. Results of Antra- dasha Lord shall stand modified in all such situations.

Dasha of Ketu- Ketu

1.   This period of ketu will generally produce gloomy results. If Ketu is quartered in an angle or a trine with benefic aspect or associate, he will promote luck through grandparents, trading, import- export with foreign countries, In addition success in military service, pilgrimages and holy baths, happy and auspicious functions at home, etc are indicated.

2.  If Ketu is associated with retrograde malefic in 6th, 8th, 12th houses, he may cause enmity with mean- minded people, death of elders in the family, arrest and imprisonment, leprosy, T.B. or brain disorders.

3.    If Ketu is conjoined with death inflicting planets, he may cause premature death by drowning, suicide, murder, small- pox or snake- bite.

Dasha of Ketu- Venus

1.    When Venus is well placed in an angle or trine occupying own or exalted sign, he will produce marriage or conjugal bliss, company of fashionable woman, success in undertaking, birth of children, help from father-in- law's side, enjoying fine arts, construction or purchase of house, ornaments and vehicles.

2.   If Venus is associated with Saturn, the native will be addicted to wine and woman of other caste or religion on account of blind passion and come to grief afterwards.

3.   If Venus is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th both from lagna and Dasanatha, the likely results are venerable complaints, disputes and quarrels with wife, children, loss of house, jewels, failure in business, and death of live- stock etc.

4.    Venus in 2nd or 7th House with death inflicting planets may cause premature death- by various modes.

Dasha of Ketu- Sun

1.   When the Sun is posited in an angle or trine occupying own or exalted sign with good aspects and associations, results are government service or favour from Government, friendship of Ministers, Vips, authority over towns and villages, marriage of sons, religious study, joy rides and pleasure tripe's and public fame.

2.    If posited in 6th, 8th or 12th occupying debilitated sign both from Lagna and dasha lord, results are: trouble from Government, death or danger to parents, fever, leaving the native place for earning livelihood in a foreign country, heavy expenditure, quarrels on Saturdays, happiness on Mondays and some good results towards the end of the Dasha- bhukti.

3.    If the Sun in 2nd or 7th with Maraka planets, the native will have to apprehend premature death. Do not from any opinion- totality of Horoscope and other factors must be considered.

Dasha of Ketu- Moon

1.    Ketu is an enemy of the Moon and thus his sub- period will generally produce mental worries and sickness in the family.

2.    If the Moon is Full occupying an angle or trine with the aspect of yogakarkas in own or exalted sign, results are: purchase of wet- lands, success in undertaking, delicious meals, gains through cows, sale of white articles like rice, milk, ghee, birth of children, happiness of mother.

3.    If the Moon is waning occupying 6th, 8th or 12th will cause sudden loss through speculation, gambling with friends and relatives.

4.    If the Moon is influenced by death afflicting planets, death or danger from cold diseases or drowning may be caused.

Dasha of Ketu- Mars

1.    When Mars is placed in an angle or trine occupying own or exaltation sign with benefic ownership, he will produce help from brothers, acquisition of landed property, skill in operating machines, success in litigation and regaining of lost property.

2.    If posited in a debilitated sign occupying 6th, 8th or 12th both from lagna and Dasanath, quarrel with brothers, boils, surgical operation, failure in agriculture, accidents, loss through fire and theft of red articles may happen.

3.    If Mars is placed in 2nd or 7th with strong Maraka dosha, danger to life may be apprehended. No opinion be formed. The total Horoscope may need astro- analysis.

Dasha of Ketu- Rahu

1.  Rahu in good position from Lagan will give professional lift through favour of new masters, meeting of pious soul, favour of grandfather, Foreign Service or business, pilgrimage, inter-course with low-caste women etc.

2.   If he is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th with malefic planets, he will cause trouble through women, evil spirits, brain disorder, fever, and danger from poisonous creatures, indebtedness and other malefic results.

3.   Rahu in 2nd or 7th with death afflicting planets may cause danger to life. No opinion be formed. Total Horoscope must be examined.

Dasha of Ketu- Jupiter

1.  If Jupiter is well placed, the native will attain initiation in religious matters, divine grace, birth of lucky sons, prosperity to father, respect from public and government, donation for good and charitable causes, promotions in service and gain through Sathvic-minded masters etc.

2.   When Jupiter is in 6th, 8th or 12th specially occupying debilitated house, death or disease to children, curse of good people, failure in undertaking; excommunication, irreligious tendencies are likely to be caused.

3.   Jupiter in 2nd or 7th house with Maraka planets may cause windy diseases.

Dasha of Ketu- Saturn

1.  Saturn in good position will cause gain through servants, low-class people, trade is inferior grains and articles, agricultural projects, government service or by independent profession with a large number of servants, self- earning, celebration of marriage and such other happy functions, birth of children, sexual pleasure with maid servants and other low- class women.

2.   If Saturn is debilitated in 6th, 8th or 12th with malefic ownership, faithless servants, indebtedness, imprisonment, loss through theft, dangerous diseases indicated.

Dasha of Ketu- Mercury

1.    When Mercury is well disposed, he will cause success in education, recognition of merit, oratorical skill, earning large fortune through business, friendship of the educated and cultured people, learning new language, help from maternal uncle, happy and auspicious functions at home, birth of children etc.

2.    If he is debilitated in 6th, 8th or 12th houses specially with malefic planets, he will produce dishonor, trouble through one's own indiscreet talk, loss through fluctuation of prices, failure in business, death of relatives etc.

3.    If Mercury is aspected by or associated with Satrun, royal displeasure, residence in other's house or life in a foreign place where acquisition of vehicles, happiness in the begning, income in the middle and misery at the end of the bhukti an indicated.

4.    If postied in 2nd or 7th with Maraka influences, premature death is likely.

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