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Share Market, Rise and Fall

For your information, it may be stated that with reference to Aries Lagna, Mars comes in Lagna in own sign and is aspected by Ketu. Saturn is in the house of treasure and is aspected by explosive Planet Pluto. Jupiter in retrograde motion on 1st March, 2002 become direct on 2nd March, 2002 and remains in the company of Rahu and aspected by Ketu. Moon is in 6th House and would go on changing being faster. Mercury is in 10th House on 8th March and again shifts to 12th House on 26.03.2002.


Specific Predictions for the Month:

1.      Fraudulent Practices i.e. share scam, frauds on the treasury cannot be ruled out.

2.      There may not be liquidity crunch and the stock market may give mixed results – both rise and fall and (including sudden fall and rise) watch 1st March, 10th March, 17th March and 18th March, 2002.
3.      Some new share-scam among the high-level person may hit the News.

4.      Rise and fall would also depend on the budget to be announced-normally on28th Feb. 2002.

5.      Primary market may show unexpected down-fall from 28th to 30th March specially with regard to information technology-software etc.

6.      From 12th to 18th March, 2002 high valuation commanded by InfoTech companies may come to low-level practically to a halt.
7.      With regard to hardware goods including electronics you need to apply proper application of while dealing in share of companies connected with above.
8.      Those of you born in Movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) may take hasty decision and thus may suffer- hence advised to use their wisdom.

 9.      You may be prompted to invest in shares of foreign companies (multi-national) but new speculators are advised to ensure that they are not trapped.

 10.  Artificial trend is likely to be created in the share market on or about 12th to 14th of this month is careful.

 11.  You may come across shaky capital market especially in automobile industry, coal, and mining and also in steel/ iron industry.
12.  Connected with share market is the political and economical position of the country. Some upheavals may be noted to bring sudden fall in the share market.

13.  Bullish trend shall have an upper hand with the transit of Rahu.

14.  Some Type of Turmoil in the share market is indicated fall Snsex Index by the end of this month.

15.  Oil Market may show down-ward trend, publishing industry is likely to suffer in general.

16.  3rd and 4th March, 2002 is not considered good for cotton market.

17.  Bullion and silver market may show rising trend on or about 7th/ 8th, 14th/ 15th and also on 24th/ 25th of this month.

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