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Astro Analysis of Sun Signs (Rashis)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Apart from body parts ruled by each sign of the Zodiac, you will get lot of information about each sign including the important fields ruled by each sign including the important fields ruled by each sign. For doubt, if any, you are welcome to address all correspondence to enrich you from various facets of life astrologically.

The parts of body as represented by each Sign are indicated for your guidance and information. The disease or trouble to any part of the body shall be looked from the affliction on the sign or its lord and its strength:

The Characteristics mentioned below shall be helpful in interpretative astrology both in Natal horoscope and also in horary astrology (Prashan Kundli).

Aries - Aries ruled the head, forest, grazing grounds, hilly tracts, ceiling, stables, the east, brick- kilns, and blacksmith. Aries natives have a broad and large forehead and a small chin. They are of angry nature, thin, lean, tall and dry looking. Eyebrows are thick. The neck is thin and looks like a goat’³ neck with medium hair on head. The skin is swallow and something rough marked by sports and blemishes. They are hasty, impulsive and restless. They have ability for leadership and are overbearing in nature. They are quick to lose their temper. Aries is a fiery, movable and dry sign.

Taurus - Taurus rules the face, fields, meadows plains, cow- pens, low rooms, the ground floor, flowering shrubs and bushes, luxury halls, dining rooms, eating places. Taurus natives are handsome with slightly snobby nose and broad cheeks. They are stout in body and height with thick necks, dark thick hair, fine teeth, large eyes and clear complexions. They are slow in movement and inclined to ease and luxury. They are suddenly and easily provoked to anger and do not cool down easily. They can be faithful and obedient, when they feel like it. Taurus is a fixed and earthy sign.

Gemini - Gemini rules the neck and chest, bed- room, walls and plastering, trunks, boxes, barns, schools, study- rooms, colleges, electrical and electronic appliances, communication media such as cables, telephones, television, radio, and the newspapers. Gemini natives are tall, well- built with flashy checks and face. They are without  exception, good looking with clear and fair skins, thick lustrous hair, sensual lips, broad chest, good speakers, witty, enquiring and curious, fond of knowledge, fun- seeking and given to quick changing moods and tempers. Gemini is common and airy sign.

Cancer - Cancer rules the heart, breast, watery fields, rivulets, small lakes, tanks, rivers, canals, local transports, well, ditches, moats, kitchen and homes, bakeries, milk-bars, snack-shops, pumps, places where food is stored. Cancer natives are small- built but fleshy with attractive faces and eyes, soft curly but thick hair, plump limbs, emotional and possess deeply attached natures. Such natives are forgiving and try to act as mother in all their relationships. They are very sensitive’s. But easily get animosities. Cancer is a movable and watery sign.

Leo - Leo rules the belly, the digestive organs, the navel, mountains, thick forests deep caves, rocky terrain, deserts places, parks, forts, fire- places, chimney- boilers and heat appliances, factories such as of iron and steel. Leo subjects have distinct jaws and joints that stand out with a head a little too large for the body. They body is thin, dry, and hot in constitution. The limbs have very great regards for them and get upset over mere trifles. They are domineering in nature and believe they are meant to pass only orders. The legs are thin but the trunk is large and wide. Leo is a fiery and fixed sign.

Virgo - Virgo rules the hip, appendix, irrigated fields and channels, lush gardens, orchards, plenty, corn fields, libraries, book shops, dairies, honey, farm- house, cottage produce. Virgo natives are the best looking of all the signs. They have dark fawn eyes, arching eyebrows, small attractive mouths, white even teeth and sharp determined chins. Limbs are graceful and tend towards corpulence. They mix easily with people. They are intelligent, sharp and good speakers. They get nervous easily and are weak in physical strength. They have studious through discretion and tact. Virgo is a common and earthy sign.

Libra - Libra governs the groins, businessmen, market place, trade- centers, banks, hotels, amusement centre, public fetes and fairs, toilets, bath- rooms, closets, water tubes, flush- outs, strayed buildings. Those born in this sign are vivacious and sparking in temperament and appearance. Either they are too balanced and wise or tend to lose balance over the mere trifles. They are good talkers but sometimes rude, hasty and harsh. They are tall and elegant with slim bodies, pimpled skins, upright and judicious in their dealings. Libra is a movable and airy sign.

Scorpio - Scorpio rules the private parts, holes, deep caves, crevices, mines, underground places cellar, garages, car- parks, the basement, sinks, swamps, ruins, garbage, heaps. Slush, moors, the lower shelves of a cup-board, paneled walls. Scorpio natives are small and neatly built with thick, blush curly hair. They have dark bright eyes with dusky complexion and are usually bowl egged. They are offended easily and harbor ill feelings. They can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. They love to hide or run away from people and crowds. They are peevish but straight forward. Scorpio is a fixed and watery sign.

Sagittarius - The sign rules the thigh, royal and government quarters, government offices, armory, racing grounds, gambling dens, and the upper floors of buildings, stud- farms, race horse, vehicles, and aircraft. Sagittarius natives are stout with broad shoulders, sparse hair, muscular limbs, straight nose, and deep- set eyes, broad shanks and thighs. They are upright and honest in their dealings, easy going unless provoked, even- tempered and generous hearted. They tend to take too many risks in life and are born gamblers. Sagittarius is a common and fiery.

Capricorn - Capricorn rules the knees, watery places frequented by beasts, alligator, aquariums, fisheries, fishing nets, cowsheds, lumber houses, barren terrain, thorns, bushes, low- lying areas. Capricorn natives have a usually long neck, small head, clear serious eyes, and slender build. They are witty and changeable seeking perfection in everything, with good organizing capacities. They exhibit great patience and strength of will. They are cautious and secretive in nature. They are also ambitious but at the same time preserving and pragmatic. Capricorn is a movable and earthy sign.

Aquarius - Aquarius rules the ankles, pottery, ceramics, charity houses, stone quarries, laboratories, and classrooms, sources of water and mountain springs. Aquarius subjects are tall, bony, with round faces and small eyes. They have small mouths and ill formed or crocked teeth that often protrude. They have coarse hair and are sometimes slovenly. They are studious in habit and philosophical in temperament. They rarely lose their tempers for their attitude to life is stoic. They are charitable and benevolent in disposition. Aquarius is fixed and airy sign.

Pisces- Pisces rules the feet, oceans, seas, hospitals, jails, maternity wards, nurses quarters, breweries, bars and places of ill repute, hermitages and concerts, water cisterns and tanks, coffee and tea- shops, ice-cream parlors. Pisces natives are shorts, plump and have beautiful faces. Their eyes are large, soft and lustrous, often brown or blue, hair wavy and light, eyebrows large. He may not enjoy good food. But, with all these short comings, he does lot of good work for the society.


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