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Learn Vedic Astrology, Chapter 11

Houses Significations

First House (Significations)

Rules the body, appearance, health, limbs, strength, birth place, antecedents, off age, happiness, misery, dignity, political training, long hair, pride, livelihood, avarice (good for wealth) arrogance, discontent calumny (slander, malicious); sea journey sate of health, mind, being;
·         12th from 2H : loss of family food
·         11th from 3H : gain of brothers, friends
·         10th from 4H : reputation of mother, family
·         9th from 5H : Journeys/ luck of children
·         8th from 6H : troubles from enemies/ debtors
·         7th from 7H : affairs, health and appearance of spouse
·         6th from 8H : illness of spouse’³ family
·         4th from 10H : carrier achievement, ambitions
·         3rd from 11H : journey, co-born of friends
·         2nd from 12H: hospital bills, court fees and expenses of similar nature.
Second House (Significations)
Rules, food, learning, possessions, right eye, face, movable property, speech, family, tradition, nail, tongue, nose, money and being:
·         12th from 3H : loss, hospital, jail of brothers/ neighbors
·         11th from 4H : gain of mother
·         10th from 5H : carrier interest, educational performance of children
·         9th from 6H : journey of maternal relatives
·         8th from 7H : bequest, legacies through wife
·         7th from 8H : death of spouse
·         6th from 9H : ill health, debt, enemy of father
·         5th from 10H : investment, speculation in careers
·         4th from 11H : house of friends
·         3rd from 12H : journey of secret enemy

Third House (Significations)
Rules, right ear, courage, velour, brother, battle, legs, road side places, mental confusion,                                                           soldiers, wandering, short journeys, relatives, communication, press, radio, TV, partition of property, female servant, neighbors and being the

·        12th from 4H: loss, jail, hospitalization of mother, occult practice
·        11th from 5H : gains of children
·        10th from 6H : carries and reputation of enemies.
·        9th from 7H : spouse father’³ long journey, religious and moral inclination
·        8th from 8H : life and rejuvenation and end of misfortune/ afflictions
·        7th from 9H : fathers trade associations
·        6th from 10H : carrier/ status related litigation
·        5th from 11H : children of friends
·        4th from 12H : house of secret enemies
·        2nd from 2H : wealthy of family

Fourth House (Significations)

Rules, house, land, maternal uncle, sister’³ son, vehicle, mother, cow, mine, lost article, kingdom, perfume, ornaments, cloths, river, pond, education, milk, clue to stolen property, corn/ grain in wet lands and being:

·        12th from 5H : speculation loss, illness of children,
·        11th from 6H : gains of enemies and maternal uncle.
·        10th from 7H : carrier and status of spouse or partner
·        9th from 8H : sudden luck, lottery, bequest
·        8th from 9H : father’³ inheritance
·        7th from 10H : spouse of carrier associates
·        6th from 11H : enemy/ debt of friends
·        5th from 12H : children of secret enemy and their speculative gains

Fifth House (Significations)

Rules, tolls, taxes, minister, intelligence, children, belly, customary law, morals, love affairs, emotions, pious, pregnancy, speculation, garment, foresight, hereditary post and being the;

Ø      3rd from 3H : second younger brother, brother’³ friend and their journeys
Ø      4th from 2H : family estate, car, domestic happiness
Ø      5th from 1H : 5H
Ø      6th from 12H : sickness, jail of secret enemies
Ø      7th from 11H : liaison with associate and colleagues
Ø      8th from 10H : loss/ affliction in carrier
Ø      9th from 9H : grandfather or grand uncle
Ø      10th from 8H : social status of spouse’s family
Ø      11th from 7H : gain through trade or partnership
Ø      12th from 6H : secret enemies/ deals, loss of servants and tenements
Ø      2nd from 4th H : wealth of mother

Sixth House (Significations)

Rules, debt, arm, thieves, theft, wound, diseases, enemy, paternal relations, evil deeds, fear, humiliation, swelling, insanity, falls, travel from relatives, urinal trouble, misunderstanding with brothers, tenants, servants, and being:

Ø      2nd from 5H : rules, children family
Ø      3rd from 4H : estates of neighbors
Ø      6th from 2H : luck through, singing, speech and family trade
Ø      7th from 12H : love affair of secret enemies
Ø      8th from 11H : legacies of friends
Ø      9th from 10H : deputation, transfer, official journeys
Ø      10th from 9H : father’³ carriers
Ø      11th from 8H : death of friends
Ø      12th from 7H : secret enemies and affairs of spouse

Seventh House (Significations)

Rules, spouse, desire, marriage, affairs, partner, road, public, chastity, flowers, sensuality, virility, anus, trade, diplomacy, gifts, over through power or enemy, adopted son, and being

Ø   2nd from 6H: wealth of enemies, profir through hospital, clinic
Ø   3rd from 5H : brother of sweetheart, second younger brother
Ø   4th from 4H : property of mother
Ø   5th from 3H : nephew, nieces
Ø   6th from 2H : family frauds, fugitives
Ø   7th from 1H : 7H
Ø   8th from 12H : fines/ death of enemies
Ø   9th from 11H : friends antecedents and business gains
Ø   10th from 10H : carrier distinction, public/ social/ humanitarian service, victories
Ø   11th from 9H : father’³ personal effects
Ø   12th from 8H : detention of offenders, thief etc.

Eight House (Significations)

Rules, manslayer (marital bonds of females), mental pain, defeat, humiliation, longevity, scandal, impurity, obstacle, slaves, legacies, will, insurance benefits, afflicted face, govt. punishment, accident, calamity and being;

Ø   2nd from 7H : dowry, income through partners
Ø   3rd from 6H : colleagues/ sympathizer of enemy
Ø   4th from 5H : children education
Ø   5th from 4H : gains by literary work/ writing
Ø   6th from 3H : brother’³ enemy and debts,
Ø   7th from 2H : substance of spouse
Ø   9th from 12H : antecedents of conspirators and enemies
Ø   10th from 11H : career of friends
Ø   11th from 10H : career gains
Ø   12th from 9H : father’³ hospitalization, political imprisonment, and departure from ordained duties.

Ninth House (Significations)

Rules preceptor, foreign journey, fortune, father, worship, legal/ religious matter, virtue, grandchild, religious places, drug, science, mental purity, learning, effluence, horses, prosperity, coronation halls and being the;

Ø   2nd from 8H: gain through insurance and spouses relatives
Ø   3rd from 7H: letters of partnership, short journey of spouse
Ø   4th from 6H: property of enemy
Ø   5th from 5H: grandchildren, speculative gains of children
Ø   6th from 4H: mother’ health, death, legal cases
Ø   7th from 3H: brother’³ wife or sister’³ husbands, dispute with brothers
Ø   8th from 2H: loss of wealth
Ø   10th from 12H: activity of foes, conspiracies
Ø   11th from 11H: friends and their business gains
Ø   12th from 10H: loss of carries

Tenth House (Significations)
Rules, rank, owner, success, status, fame, profession, sky, good conduct, quality, command, athletics, agriculture, doctor, thigh, teaching, authority and being:

Ø   2nd from 9H: father’s income and family
Ø   3rd from 8H: legacy document, short journey of spouses family
Ø   4th from 7H: spouse’s mother
Ø   5th from 6H : children of tenants and servants
Ø   6th from 5H : enemy and ill health of children
Ø   7th from 4H : mothers public activity/ trust or educational institution
Ø   8th from 3H: death of brothers
Ø   9th from 2H: fortune of family
Ø   11th from 12H: friends of ill wishers.
Ø   12th from 11H: friend’s expenditure and loss

Eleventh House (Significations)

Rules gain, income, acquisition, hope, friends, profits, elder brother, gold, wealth, paternal property, minister ship, awards, cooking, ear, important papers and documents and being the;

Ø   2nd from 10H: income from own exertion
Ø   3rd from 9H: paternal uncle/ aunts, short journeys of and messages from fathers
Ø   4th from 8H: loss of mental tranquility, legal education, testators, occult knowledge
Ø   5th from 7H: spouses affairs, business profits
Ø   6th from 6H: enemy/ diseases/ death of enemy or servant or tenants
Ø   7th from 5H: spouse of son
Ø   8th from 4H: legacies from mothers
Ø   9th from 3H: foreign journey of brother
Ø   10th from 2H: family status and reputation
Ø   12th from 12H : destruction of enemies and loss and regain of health

Twelfth House (Significations)

Rules sorrow, feet, left eye, loss, spy, secrets, intrigues, end, poverty, bad pleasures, debts, paternal wealth, enemy, moksha, injury, death, expenditure, loss of wife, foreign places and being the;
Ø      2nd from 11H: wealth of friends
Ø      3rd from 10H: journeys related to career
Ø      4th from 9H: grandmother, ancestral property, sea travel
Ø      5th from 8H: bequests and investment relating to children
Ø      6th from 7H: wife illness and conjugal life
Ø      7th from 6H: dispute with servant or tenant
Ø      8th from 5H: death, calamity, kidnapping of children
Ø      9th from 4H: foreign education and residence
Ø      10th from 3H: brother’s career
Ø      11th from 2H: gains of family

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