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Learn Vedic Astrology, Chapter 10

Signs - Ruling Places, Appearance and Nature


Sign: Aries

Ruling Places: Rules head, forest, grazing grounds, hilly tracks, ceilings, stables, east, brick kiln.

Appearances: Broad and large forehead and small chin, fiery, thin, lean, tall, thick eye brows, neck thin and long with medium hair, skin, sallow, ruddy sometimes marked by spots and blemishes.

Nature: Hasty, impulsive and restless, ability for leadership, over bearing, quick temper, movable, fiery and dry.

Sign: Taurus

Ruling Places: Rules face, fields meadow, plains, Cowpens, low rooms, ground floor, flowering shrubs and bushes, luxury hall, dining hall, eating places.

Appearances: Handsome with slightly snub by nose and broad cheeks, stout thick neck dark thick hair, fine teeth, large eyes, clear complexion.

Nature: Slow in movement, inclined to ease and luxury, easily provoked to anger, and do not cool down easily, faithful and obedient, fixed and earthy.

Sign: Gemini

Ruling Places: Rules neck, shoulders, bed rooms, walls, chest, trunks, boxes, barns, schools study rooms, colleges, electrical and electronics appliances, communication media.

Appearances: Tall well built fleshy cheeks and face, good looking with clear and fair skin, lustrous hair, sensual lips, broad chest.

Nature:  Witty, curious, fond of knowledge, fun seeking quick changing moods and tempers, airy and common.

Sign: Cancer

Ruling Places:  Rules heart, breast, watery fields, rivulets, small lakes, tanks, rivers, kitchen, home, bakeries, restaurants, milk bars.

Appearances: Small built but fleshy with attractive face and eyes, soft curly thick hair, plump limbs.

Nature: Emotional and deeply attached nature, forgiving and act as mother in all relationship, very sensitive and easily forget animosities, movable and watery.

Sign: Leo

Ruling Places:  Rules stomach, heart, digestive system, navel, mountain, thick forest, caves, woods, deserts, palaces, fire place, factories- iron/ steel.

Appearances: Distinct jaws and joints with large head, body thin, dry and hot.

Nature: Royal carriage, great regards for themselves and upset upon trifles, domineering and pass orders, fiery and fixed.

Sign: Virgo

Ruling Places: Rules over the waist, appendix, irrigated fields, channels, lush greens, orchards, cornfields, farm, libraries and bookshops, dairy.

Appearances: Best looking in all signs, dark eyes, arching eyebrows, attractive mouth, white even teeth & sharp chin, graceful limbs, tends to corpulence.

Nature: Mix easily with people, intelligent, sharp and good speaker, gets nervous easily, tactful, common and earthy.

Sign: Libra

Ruling Places: Rules groins, reproductive organs, kidney, businessmen, market place, banks, hotels, amusement centre, toilet, bathrooms, storied building.

Appearances:  Vivacious sparkling temperament and appearance, tall elegant with slim bodies, pimpled or freckled skin.

Nature: Either too balanced or tends to lose balance on trifles, good talker but some time rude, hasty and harsh, upright and judicious, movable and airy.

Sign: Scorpio

Ruling Places: Rules external genitals holes, deep caves, crevices, mines, underground cellar, garages, sinks, swamps, ruins, garbage heaps, moors, lower selves of cupboard, paneled walls.

Appearances: Small and neatly built with thick, bushy and curly hair, dark bright eyes (hypnotic) dusty complexion, bow legged.

Nature: Offended easily and harbor ill feeling, best of friends, or worst of enemies, hide or run away from people or crowds, peevish but straight forward, fixed and watery.

Sign: Sagittarius

Ruling Places:  Rules things, royal and government quarters, government offices, armory, racing/ gambling dens, upper floor of building, stud farms, vehicles and aircrafts.

Appearances: Stout with broad shoulders spares hairs, muscular limbs, straight nose, deep set eyes, broad shanks and things.

Nature: Upright, honest, easy going, even- tempered and genial hearted, risk taker and bourn gambler, common and fiery.

Sign: Capricorn

Ruling Places:  Rules knees, bones, nerves, watery places frequented by beasts, alligator, aquarium, fish, fishing net, cow sheds, lumber houses, barren terrain, thorns, bushes, low lying areas.

Appearances:  Long neck, small head, clear serious eyes, slender built.

Nature:  Witty, seeking perfection in everything, good organizing abilities, great patience and strength of will, secretive, cautions, ambitious, pragmatic, movable and earthy.

Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Places: Rules calves, ankles, pottery, stone quarries, laboratories, charity houses, classroom, water source, mountain springs.

Appearances: Tall, bony round face, small eyes, small mouth with ill formed or crooked teeth, coarse hair.

Nature: Untidy, studies, philosophical rarely loose tempers, honest & benevolent, fixed and airy.

Sign: Pisces

Ruling Places: Rules feet, oceans, hospital, jails, maternity ward, nurse’s quarters, breweries, places of ill repute, bars, hermitages, concerts, water cisterns, coffee/ tea shops, ice- cream parlors.

Appearances:  Short, plump beautiful face, large soft and lustrous eyes, wavy and light hair.

Nature:  Lazy, irresolute, honest, fond of good food and intuitive, and psychic, common and watery.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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