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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Earlier, we talked about death in early child-hood, young age and middle age. Now we shall discuss about the full age (puran-ayu) age i.e. up to 12 years as per Vimshotri system of dasha. This section covers age group from 80 years to 120 years.

2. Normally, it has been seen that puran- ayu (long life) is indicated when benefits occupy kendras and the Lagna Lord is with benefits and is aspect Jupiter. Apart from the combinations given below, when 3 planets occupy 8th house (8th house in a horoscope stand, inter-alia for long life) and are in their exaltion or own sign or in a friendly sign, long life is the result.

3. Following are the specific combinations for long life:

i) Long life of about 100 years is indicated if the Sun, Saturn and Mars occupy movable navmvsha, Jupiter and Venus occupy fixed Navamsas and the Moon and Mercury are in own Navamshas.

ii)  The native gets long life when the Lagna Lord is in a Kendra (angle) and the malefic occupy the 12th and 6th houses.

iii) With 10th lord in exaltation and the occupation of 8th house by malefic, the native gets long life.

iv) If the Lagna Lord and 8th lord are in the 8th house, long life indicated.

v) The native gets long life if the 8th Lord occupies his own sign or Saturn is in the 8th house. (Saturn is signification of long life).

vi) Long life is indicated if the Jupiter is exalted, benefices occupy their Mooltrikona signs (rasis) and the Lagna Lord is powerful life 80 years and beyond.

vii) If all the planets occupy the 9th house, the native gets long life. This principle need more research as such persons with all the planets in one houses is a rarity though on 5th Feb. 1962 most of the planets were in one house. Persons having such charts may send the same to the Editor for study and research.

viii) Life about 80 years is indicated if all the planets are in kendras and in malefic Navamsas.

ix) Full life is indicated if the 2nd half of Sagittarius is rising and all the planets in their exaltation with Mercury in Taurus at 24 degree.

x) The native enjoys long life if Saturn occupies the 1st or 9th house and the Moon occupies the 12th or the 9th house.

xi) Look at the horoscope and see the placement of the planets. Broadly, the principle is that if the 8th lord and malefic occupy Kendras, Panaparas, or Apoklimas, the span of the life is respectively considered as short, medium or long. From this it transpires that all the benefic planets in Kendras (1,4,7,10) indicated long life, in Panaparas (2,5,8,11) indicated medium life and in Apoklimas (3,6,9,12) indicated short life.

xii) The Sun in 8th house in its exaltation position (Aries sign) given long life and for a trouble free life, the Sun must not be affricate.

xiii) With Mars in 8th house, the native shall be short lived unless there are other alleviating factors. This position of Mars is also not good for husband/ wife especially when the 7th Lord (Mars) gets to 8th house. Therefore, while matching horoscope, see the position of Mars especially in 8th house and if affliction is heavily indicated, try to get the married postponed. All men/ women dying in prime youth have Mars in 8th house but this principle need to be checked with more horoscopes. You are welcome to mail birth charts of person who die in youth.

xiv) Saturn in 8th house gives good longevity but the native has to take up more responsibilities.

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