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The 12th House

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Many classics have written about the 12th house, 12th Lord and significations of 12th house. Some difference has been noted and even the modern writers of astrology including late Dr. B. V. Raman had contributed their own experiences with regards to 12th house. All agree that 12th house is an inauspicious house though different significations of 12th house include Moksha/ libration (enlightenment), pleasure of bed, sleep, expenditure, imprisonment/ confinement/ by way of abduction or otherwise, loss, seclusion, sorrow, life after death (Your next life) (a difficult situation to predict), left eye. There is difference of opinion to among other significations but all agree that the 12th is representative of left eye, Moksha, expenditure and also pleasures of bed. It would also be apt to mention that Karakas (significations) for 12th House are Saturn and Ketu.

Full Signification of the 12th House

The 12th house rules secret foes, foreign travels, criminals, Smugglers, anti- social elements apart from expenditure, reforms and planning. When the 12th house is afflicted any cruel means may satisfy the end. From this house one can lean about the natives wanderings, misfortunes, death of children (8th from 5th), hospitality of father, paternal wealth (4th from 9th) liberal outlook, comforts, signity, disturbed, sleep, mental worry, fear from enemy, liberation from pain, discharge of debts, imprisonment, misery, injury, harm, hanger, disputes, termination from service. Loss of wife, the conditions of left eye, worries and anxieties of life and his ability to renounce.

The 12th house an important house to understand the hidden life of the native, it reveals the tendencies towards retirement, escape, sacrifice and secluded service. It is hidden, emotional, intuitive and psychic sign. At the same time it refers to serious states of ill health and to incitation.

A mystical and magical house where in dreams new fantasies are born. That is why our old text books have referred jatis, hospitals, asylums, places of confinement and misery to the 12th house. The house undoing. The closet (Exit) from married life, Divorce etc. Subversive and Dangerouse under- currents in one’s life are revealed here and if executed role of planets in the 12th house:

Classics on astrology proclaim different results produced by the planets occupying the 12th house. Following results.

Sun: Antipathy to father, poor eye sight, poverty, childlessness.

Moon: Hating others, misery, indolence.

Mars: Bad eyes, cruelty, wife’s ill health, miserliness, slanderer.

Mercury: Misery, poor learning, cruelty, inactivity, hatred and jealousy.

Jupiter: Hated by others, abusive language, childlessness, sinfulness, idleness and menial nature.

Venus: Sexual enjoyment, wealth and splendor.

Saturn: Impudence, poverty, childlessness, defective limbs, fear from enemies.

Rahu: Sinful acts, spendthrift, dropsy.

Ketu: Sinful acts, expenditure on bad things, destruction of wealth, forbidden deeds, eye disease.

JATAKA PARIJATA: another classical Sanskrit text, gives the following results.

Moon: Living in a foreign country.

Sun: Loss of limb, wandering, have much perseverance and will have sons.

Mars: Hating relatives, poverty and difficulty in getting a wife.

Jupiter: Secptical to religion, indecisiveness wandering, evil mind.

Venus: Loss of relation, lending to become a rake, loss of wealth.

Mercury: Hating others, poverty.

Saturn: Lack of intelligence,  inconvincible, poverty, and tendency to cheat others.

Ketu: Fickle- mindedness, loss of wealth.

So according to classical Sanskrit texts, all the planets in the 12th house produce bad results. Practical case studies have revealed that the above statements do not stand test with reference to modern times.

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