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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign - VI


1 Strong individuality, passionate and sensuous nature: trouble through partner.
2 Reserved, studious, self-contained, mystical: effects own regeneration.
3 Powerful will and generous nature, scientific inspirations: successful journeys.
4 Shrewd and capable intellect: a political leader of broad views and deeps insight.
5 Active and forcible, many ideas, inclined towards reform: friends in the home.
6 Dualistic, emotional temperament: alternately inclinator to spirituality and sensualist.
7 Active and through, a hard worker: ability for chemistry and manufactures.
8 Strong sense nature, powerful emotions, great executive ability for chemistry and manufactures.
9 A restless and critical disposition, ever trying new experiments: death of brethren.
10 Affectionate and clinging disposition, somewhat fickle: long voyages.
11 Passionate nature, with a taste for the magnificent: grand surroundings.
12 An experimental scientist, methodical and precise: servants become friends.
13 An emotional nature, given to many amours: troubles in partnership.
14 A resolute character, inclined to a sea faring life: creates own destiny.
15 Enthusiastic disposition, somewhat restless: inspiration in dreams.
16 A steady and constant mind, capable of profound study: mind fixed on profession.
17 A thirstier after strange delights, steadfast in search thereof: hidden friendship.
18 A yielding and voluptuous nature, prone to sin, yet well-disposed: trouble in love.
19 Subtle in conception and bold in execution: a dangerous schemer, who ever serves himself.
20 A well-balanced character, of strong affections: inherited obstacles.
21 A sensitive nature and intensely critical mind: danger from brethren.
22 Strong attachment to the home, and great sympathy with mother.
23 Lofty ambitions and pound nature, gifted in many ways: good parentage and honorable profession.
24 Practical executive ability in commercial matters: trends among nurses.
25 Highly emotional temperament: marriage brings misfortune.
26 A powerful character, founder of a dynasty: dies by own band or causes own death.
27 Sympathetic and genital disposition philosophically inclined: fortunate heritage.
28 Subtle intellect, imaginative yet profound: elder brethren.
29 Comprehensive mind and wide interests: attached to friends.
30 Great sympathy with the destitute, harmonious nature: love affairs unfortunate.


1 An intuitive and prophetic nature, gifted with keen insight: an explorer.
2 A practical visionary, carrying ideals into execution: success in subordinate positions.
3 Sensitive and poetical, with literary talent: marriage to a cousin or some relative.
4 Affectionate and demonstrative, fond of home: danger by water.
5 Creative ability, artistic inspiration and prophetic insight: love for a foreigner.
6 Refined and chaste, scientific ambitions: somewhat ruled by inferiors.
7 Agreeable and harmonious nature: opponents turn to friends.
8 Strong love of sensuous pleasure and recklessness in gratifying same: troubles through wife's patrimony.
9 Intense conservativeness or extreme diffusiveness, as the case may be: a traveler.
10 Keen ambitions and good executive capacity: inherited rank.
11 Loyal, fearless and humane, of broad views: friends made on short executions.
12 Sensitive and somewhat restless, compassionate: invalids in the home.
13 Daring enterprises and risky ventures: an active life.
14 Sagacious and capable, efficient and hardworking: old family servants.
15 A well-balanced nature, inclined to an intellectual view of life: marriage twice.
16 A sensation-loving dispositions, reckless in the pursuit of pleasure: danger in mines.
17 A rich nature, prodigal of gifts, joyous and inspired: children abroad.
18 Philosophies and critical, adaptable and ingenious: an able journalist.
19 Ingenious and probative nature, of artistic tastes: friends among women.
20 Inspiration regarding bodily ailments, fearless nature: enemies among doctors.
21 True insight in all enterprises, favor of superiors: generally fortunate, achieves success.
22 Political tendencies and a gift form politics: hereditary honor.
23 Chiefly devoted to art, with socialistic sympathies: much friendly correspondence.
24 Sympathetic disposition, psychic temperament: residence in some charitable institution.
25 An enthusiastic nature, boundless vitality, all-round capacity: lives hard.
26 A poetic and sensuous temperament, craving physical delights: open to lofty inspirations.
27 Literary abilities of a high order, a novelist or imaginative writer: youthful partner.
28 A highly emotional disposition and somewhat lavish nature: success in travel or the stage.
29 A highly emotional disposition and somewhat lavish nature: success in travel or the stage.
30 Enterprise in art or commerce, with adequate capacity: in rank lightly esteemed.

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