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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign - V


1 Shy, reserved, studious and scientific, yet apt to lean on others: wealth by marriage.
2 Shrewd and penetrating, a delver into mysteries, literary tastes: treachery among brethren.
3 A writer and a dreamer, prolific in production and mystical in aims: death abroad.
4 Profound and metaphysical in thought, and devoted to profession: love towards father.
5 Acute, practical, and inclined towards commercial enterprises of a co-operative character.
6 Ready sympathizer, fond of ministering others; trouble through marriage.
7 Eager intellect, shrewd insight, fecundity of ideas: bring about own regeneration.
8 Cautious and practical; with decided financial ability: good fortune through travel.
9 Literary abilities of high order: reverence for brethren.
10 Frugal and economical, psychic inclinations friends in the home.
11 Sensitive and impulsive, psychic inclinations: friends in the home.
12 Sensitive and impulsive, inclined towards serious art: difficulties through love affairs.
13 Spiritual intuitions and lofty ideas, a poet: Loss of heritage.
14 Inclinations towards oriental customer, reserved in speech: danger on short journeys.
15 Philosophies can artistic, well-disposed and genital: a foreign home.
16 Tendency to metaphysical thoughts, strong love of principles: devotion to profession.
17 Many curious ideas, a somewhat cantankerous mind: friend among servants.
18 Thoughtful but practical, devoted to service of fellow creatures: sorrow though separation.
19 Persistent in philosophic studies, keen insight and enterprising mind: brings about wealth of partner.
20 Commercial ability, with considerable intuition in mathematics: wealth abroad.
21 Resourceful in ideas and able in exactions, ready with tongue or pen: dominated by relatives.
22 Capable of powerful attachments to friends: feelings of a very objective type.
23 Enthusiastic and impulsive, somewhat sensational: trouble in speculations.
24 Steadfast, self-controlled, and often not a little selfish: cures himself, or causes own ill-health.
25 Refind and lovable, with keen perception of sensuous beauty: spiritual inspirations.
26 Profound in thought and subtle in speech, keenly alive to art: danger by road.
27 Alert and aspiring in mind, having mush business intuition and "go": fortunate in the home.
28 Deep and reserved, seldom shows inner nature: reverential disposition.
29 Kindly and expansive nature, but uncertain manner: worry through friends.
30 Occult tendencies and devotion to the spiritual side of life: restraint through marriage.


1 Forceful mentality and progressive spirit, desire for celibacy: creative power in art.
2 Intuition and inspiration well blended: purification of the emotions: source of partner's wealth.
3 Active and enquiring mind, just and sympathetic: enlightenment through desultory reading.
 4 Loving disposition, greatly attached to the object of affection: tenacious regarding profession.
5 An ardent nature, highly artistic, yet full of wild hopes: Friendship funning to love.
6 Mentality more critical and less balanced than most in this sign, very sensitive: troubles regarding health.
7A nature essentially self-sacrificing; highly idealistic and romantic: entire devotion to partner.
8 Highly sensuous temperament, keen highly idealistic and romantic: entire devotion to partner.
9 Devotion and love of science well balanced, a frank nature: extensive foreign correspondence.
10 A student of mythology and kindred subjects: pursuers a vocation at home.
11 Comprehensive mind, broad sympathies, love of art: makes friends of children.
12 A gentle and retiring nature, full of sympathy: confinement through ill-health.
13 Strong desire, eager mind, progressive disposition: unlikely to marry.
14 Receptive nature and psychic temperament: wealth with marriage partner.
15 Highly susceptible to mental impressions, quick mind: hopes realized through brethren.
16 Mediumistic nature, prone to be too sensitive: influence of mother paramount.
17 Energy devoted to promoting large industrial combinations: platonic love.
18 Quiet unassuming nature, chaste and contended: trouble though servants.
19 A transcendentalist and a mystic, a deep student of scripture: austere life.
20 A pleasure-loving nature, somewhat self-indulgent: disbursement of patrimony.
21 Open, free and ingenuous, having a great gift of language: many little excursions.
22 Thoughtful, grave and reflective nature, with strong attachment of father: an ancient home.
23 An all-round mentality, comprehensive and well-balanced: platonic love affairs.
24 Negative temperament, prone to self-indulgence and given to many amours: health troubles.
25 Complaisant, yet impulsive, at the mercy of others and rather weak in will.
26 Refined and artistic temperament, delicately poised and slightly sensuous: loss of patrimony.
27 Sensitive, dualistic temperament, delicately motives: friends among children.
28 Sympathetic and somewhat sensational vicissitudes in profession, suited to the stage.
29 Devotional temperament, literary tastes, and enthusiasm for society work.
30 Steadfastly devoted to the purification of the soul; meditative and chaste.

Shanker Adawal
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