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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign - VII


1 A ambitious and forceful nature, apt in commercial matters: rank through wife/
2 Subtle and designing, resourceful and capable, sensual: danger through friends.
3 A profound mind, alternately swayed by principle and ambition: troubles abroad.
4 Intense concentration of purpose, whether in good or evil: ambitious of perfection.
5 Ready and capable, apt at organizing and controlling others : hopes centered on wealth.
6 Tasteful and sympathetic, forceful with tongue or pen, astute: trouble through brother.
7 Powerful and domineering nature, of great forcefulness: rules in the home.
8 Steady, capable and practical, somewhat gross: good fortune in enterprises.
9 Sensitive and highly strung, given to experimentation: an able littérateur.
10 A highly parental temperament, watchful over others welfare: devoted to mother.
11 Hard and grasping nature, astute and selfish: purification through love.
12 A well-balanced, but somewhat earthy and sensuous nature: enlightenment through work.
13 Somewhat of a voluptuary, artistic in tastes: women rule the life.
14 Skill in matters of medical, powerful recuperative nature: enlightenment through work.
15 Business aptitude and commercial foresight: trouble through relatives.
16 Steady carrying out of well-matured plans: of independent rank.
17 Determined yet flexible, capable of dealing with masses: wealth through associations.
18 Refined and artistic, sensuous temperament: charitable errands.
19 Enterprise in acquirement and force in retention: cause of own end.
20 Great fixity of purpose and skill in performance: good fortune in love.
21 A mercurial disposition, enquiring mind and delicate conceptions: dual occupation.
22 Senses or sympathies paramount: a popular novelist or author.
23 a student of philosophy, mystical in thought: love in death.
24 Occult and scientific tendencies, given to the study of magic or medicine.
25 Strong inclinations towards deliberate self-indulgence, voluptuous nature.
26 A profound and mystical mind, couple with a very sensual nature: power.
27 An enlightened mind and aspiring disposition: misfortunes in travel.
28 Absorbed wither in ambition or in contemplation: continent and chaste.
29 A grabble yet retiring, thoughtful and studious: hopes inherited.
30 A somewhat gloomy mind, prone to regards the darker side of life: death.


1 A bold innovator, hating convention and despising society: no brethren.
2 A steady and reflective disposition, displaying independence of thought: fixity of realdence.
3 Intellectual and inclined to the artistic in literature: dual enterprises.
4 A sensitive and changeable disposition, rather weak: health greatly affected by home conditions.
5 Strong will and commanding nature, business instincts: aristocratic partner.
6 Gentle and retiring disposition, chaste: worry in connection with partner's goods.
7 A double nature, harmonious and contented with little: marriage abroad.
8 Original, daring and masterful, not to be taken alive in battle: dangerous pursuits.
9 Large views, wide sympathies, fearless nature: enlightenment through friendship.
10 Resourceful and of great organizing ability, for either good or bad: elevation through enmity.
11 Erratic and incomprehensible, moved by strange impulses: isolation from all.
12 Psychic disposition, moved by the higher sympathies: misfortune through inheritance.
13 A redy and fertile mind, full of expedients, somewhat lacking in concentration.
14 Practical disposition and competent financial ability: strong attachment to money.
15 Fluent tongue and ready pen, consideration powers of mind: twin children.
16 Fanciful and sensitive disposition, somewhat inharmonious: strongly attached to occupation.
17 A powerful nature, fixed and centered, broad views: love marriage.
18 Sensitive, impressionable, and somewhat querulous: celibate.
19 An all-round persons, widely read and keenly intellectual: enlightenment by intuition.
20 Astute, practical, and either humanitarian or artistic: medical profession.
21 Expansive and genial, kindly disposed to all: many foreign friends.
22 Political in tastes, able in plot and counterplot: designs furthered by enemies.
23 Humanitarian views, artistic tastes, general culture: a platonic union and segregation from fellows.
24 Charitable and benevolent, deep sympathies: misfortunes are a source of inspiration.
25 Intellectual, scientific, eager to experiment: fluency of expression.
26 Skill in execution and persistency in accomplishment: fortune at home.
27 Enquiring mind, instinctively intellectual: love of brethren.
28 Intuitive and sensitive to occult impressions whether psychic or spiritual.
29 A royal nature, a lover of the public and a doer of good works: love in union.
30 Reclusive and retiring, studious and chaste: deep intuitions.

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