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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign - VIII


1 Artistic and sensuous, somewhat mystical in tastes: regeneration through marriage.
2 highly emotional and sensuous, with some occult abilities: mental enlightenment.
3 Able and intuitive, diplomatic, very plastic and versatile: idealism in profession.
4 Subtly of ideas, with great power of accomplishment: friends of high rank.
5 Over sympathetic and plastic, unstable, yet good abilities: suffering through friends.
6 Intractable and profound, difficult to comprehend: troubles turned to good account.
7 Restless and inharmonious, lacking balance: disposer of own wealth.
8 Tactful and resourceful, powerful in combination and mastery of arts: fortunate in brethren.
9 Very discontinuous, sensitive, versatile and impressionable: two homes or residences.
10 Emotional and sensitive, versatile and tenacious of desires: strong love of home.
11 Sympathetic and sensitive, impulsive and affectionate: occupation in art.
12 Occult sympathies, sensitive and somewhat retiring disposition: devoted to work.
13 Highly impressionable and artistic, with an inclination to science: danger through partner.
14 Powerful emotions and ability to away others by them: creative ability in plastic art.
15 Sensitive and responsive disposition, highly strung and irritable: aspirations towards travel.
16 Ambitious disposition, looking for perfection in details, lofty hopes: friendly relationship of parents.
17 Wavering temperament, receptive to great ideas, but incapable of effectively carryings them out: unfortunate.
18 Changeable and vacillating inclined, to be querulous, negatively sympathetic and receptive to others.
19 Considerable enthusiasm and some practical ability for public work: an agitator, carves his own forms.
20 Hospitable nature, with some capacity for organization: refund in ideas, finding inspiration in worlds.
21 A mixed nature, with some capacity for organization: refund in ideas, finding inspiration in worlds.
22 Powerful emotions, magnetic and hypnotic power, broad and catholic sympathies: strong solve of mixed.
23 Erratic and impulsive nature, hot and cold by turns: fiery occupations, enthusiasm in work.
24 Mystical temperament, with a turn for philosophic study: chastity in marriage, or a pretentious.
25 Strong sensuous nature, with a tendency to licentiousness: danger in partnerships.
26 Inclination for practical occultism keen intuition in spiritual things: dangerous journeys.
27 Expressive nature, ready to form friendships: either rather superficial or very philosophical and perfect.
28 Emotional and mental faculties well balanced: hopes of an ambitious character and influential friends.
29 A visionary: one having strong socialistic learning's, with a tendency of militant democracy.
30 A critical degree, the turning point of destiny: power to turn adversity to triumph, or able the success downfall.

 Shanker Adawal

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