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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign -IV


1 Sensuous but refined, one who is at home with the public: trading by sea.
2 Subtle and acute, enterprising in mysteries: death of children.
3 Emotionally religious, active and lethargic by turns: education abroad.
4 Contemplative and profound, penetrating intellect: marriage to an elder.
5 Fanciful and imaginative, quaint concepts: death of friends.
6 Sympathetic and receptive, inclined to indulgence: enlightenment by sea voyages.
7 Intellectual and ingenious, full of expedients: creates his own prestige.
8 Astute and practical, acquisitive: friends among the laboring classes.
9 Sensitive and irresolute, timid yet eloquent: enemies among brethem.
10 Reclusive and domesticated, horizon bounded by home ties: secures own completely.
11 Impulsive and ardent, inherited artistic gifts: gain by speculation.
12 Capable in business, yet fond of science and inclined to the mystical: many compulsory journeys.
13 Some what indolent: oppositions in the home.
14 Senses keen and emotions vivid, turbulent desires: disastrous enterprises.
15 Aspiring nature, good disposition, kind to servants: enlightenment through word.
16 Designing nature, apt in executing plans: exceptional parentage, dame through marriage.
17 Plastic and versatile, a student of humanity: many friends at school.
18 Fond of the sea, a rover: companionable and jovial: hampered by uncles.
19 Restless and prosperous, not to be controlled: usurps position of elders.
20 Fortunate and prosperous, somewhat sensual: hopes realized.
21 Of enquiring mind and agreeable disposition: given to worry: difficulties through literary matters.
22 Sensitive and secretive, sympathetic and fond of home: extremely attached to mother.
23 Shy, but impulsive, very generous: benefits through enterprise.
24 Studious and discriminative: a good critical writer.
25 Somewhat lazy, no early riser: mother dies at native's own home.
26 Innately mystical, or inordinately given to pleasure: luckless in love affairs.
27 Generally fortunate: compulsory journeys on business.
28 A public character, politically inclined: disagreement with father.
29 A reclusive nature: hopes and wishes realized though partner's wealth.
30 Profound and silent nature: difficulties through long journeys.

1 Ardent, enterprising, forceful and illuminated: passionate love.
2 Artistic, sensuous gifted and subject to inspiration: inheritance from father.
3 Enthusiastic yet diffident, ability in speech and letters: friends among brethren.
4 Powerful will and strong attachments, sensitive disposition: enmity to the home.
5 Self-moved and self-sustained, a strong character: retired life.
6 Energy and enterprise in business concerns: worry concerning patrimony.
7 Generous, courteous and obliging, ever hospitable: devotion to brethren.
8 Strong passions and keen love of sensation: treachery in the home.
9 Magnanimous and open-minded, can did and free: journeys due to own enterprise.
10 Firm, steadfast and sure, calculating and diplomatic: worry through the profession.
11 Broad views and wide sympathies: devotion to friends, yet opposition there forms.
12 Warm heated and open-minded, yet shy and sensitive: troubles turned to blessings.
13 Over-impetuous and rash, restless and ever on the move: fortunate on the whole.
14 Impulsive and ingenuous, idealistic and mystical: strong link to parents.
15 Easily kindled and readily appeases, too apprehensive: journeys through friends.
16 Affectionate and demonstrative: troubles at sea.
17 Self-inspired and capable of great undertakings: an occultist.
18 Sympathetic and kind, studious and diligent: riches acquired.
19 Gentle yet powerful, aesthetic in tastes: opposition from relative.
20 Forceful and rebellious, subtle and scheming: regeneration at end of life.
21 Frank and outspoken, apt to be too diffusive and forceful "enjoys love of kindred.
22 A good organized, especially in military matters: disagreement with parents.
23 Enthusiastic in propaganda work: many friends among women.
24 Hard-working in charitable projects: trouble in connection with occupation.
25 An initiator of schemes and commercial enterprises: prophetic insight.
26 Practical use made of enthusiasm, fortune by the profession: well-to-do parents.
27 Ever ready to seize opportunities, capable in emergencies: intellectual friendships.
28 Practical method of achieving success: home life contributes to fortune.
29 a ruler and man, enterprising and courageous, yet steadfast: a free path.
30 a promising experimentalist and acute critic: success in literature. 

Shanker Adawal
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