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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign - III


1 Original enterprising mind: friends among workers.
2 Practical and somewhat materialistic: trouble caused by possessions.
3 Ready and fluent, capable in emergency: an ambassador.
4 Magnetic and fanciful, some talent: fortune by water all liquids.
5 Artistic and literary, skillful in expression: distinguished brethren.
6 Sensitive and retiring, liable to be misunderstood: good fortunes.
7 Courteous and affable, suave and obliging: a love marriage.
8 A cantankerous disposition, Irritable yet alert: executorships.
9 Refined and agreeable, can did and free: marriage to a foreigner.
10 Lofty ideals: elevation of rank through charities.
11 Commanding intellect, affable demeanor: honor through charities.
12 Hesitating and mistrustful: honor through charities.
13 Restless and domineering, active and strong: hopes realized.
14 inharmonious and doubtful nature: benefits through charities.
15 active and alert ingenious: probably has a twin brother or sister.
16 Emotional and sensuous: inherits a home.
17 Powerful and commanding, energetic and able: artistic brethren.
18 Dual temperament and woman-like nature: business at home.
19 Artistic sympathies, human disposition: popular enterprises.
20 Mystical notions, sensuous nature: many disagreeable tasks.
21 Aspiring mind and love of travel: a spiritual union.
22 Public recognition through literary abilities: death of father.
23 Comprehensive ideas, impracticable in many cases: ascending through associations.
25 One who sees a new light, fired by ideas: achievement of hopes.
26 Compassion and intellect blended: inspiration and insight.
27 Genius, either in art or diplomacy: Sympathy of relatives.
28 Impressionable: gain by the mother, fluctuating fortunes.
29 Positive yet impulsive, kind yet domineering: gifted.
30 Capable and executive: a hard worker, but given to worry.

Shanker Adawal
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