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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign - II


1 Masterful and victorious: great power of combination.

2 A deep student of the recondite sciences, luxurious, magical ability.

3 A generous disposition, a philosophical mind: many travels.

4 One accustomed to authority, a disciplinarian: lofty thinking.

5 The founder of a sect: given to law.

6 A degree of double nature: a hermit, or a glutton.

7 Resolute yet enterprising: an initiator of new systems: many enemies.

8 A stubborn nature, resourceful and determined: influential positions.

9 Profound in thought and expressive in speech: gain by relatives.

10 Firm yet persuasive, domesticated: home with relatives.

11 A rich nature, ardent and expressive in speech: genius in art.

12 Painstaking and laborious, precise: an experimental scientist.

13 Pefind and artistic, capable in business: well served by inferiors.

14 An influential character, mystically inclined: unfortunate marriage.

15 Ready sympathies, religious nature: death abroad.

16 Subtle and retentive of purpose: friend at court.

17 Acute and powerful mind, original conceptions: influence in societies.

18 Broad sympathies and wide tolerance: a patron of charities.

19 Resourceful and able in execution: leader of a party.

20 Self-reliant and redouble table: source of own fortunes.

21 A versatile nature, fecund of resource: oratorical abilities.

22 Established in the home and in the affections: many travels by

23 Aspiring and passionate: will carry out plans at all costs.

24 Chaste and humble in spirit: patient.

25 Great intuition and passionate: will carry out plans at all costs.

26 Power and authority, firm and often unscrupulous: death of partners.

27 Eloquent and persuasive: good fortunes by marriage.

28 Steadfast and preserving: fortune through the employment.

29 A powerful will great organizing ability: success in land.

30 A favorite of fortune: wide influence and beneficial.

Shanker Adawal
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