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Effects of the rising sign (Lagan) and specific effects of each Lagan Sign

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Fortunately, both for Western and Indian (hindu Astrology) the Zodiac is divided in 12 signs (rasis). The effects, characteristics, personal qualities or each sign are different and they have to be different as the sings are governed by different planets. All the signs are owned by 7 planets – the Sun owns Leo, the Moon owns Cancer, Mars owns Aries and Scorpio, Mercury owns Gemini and Virgo, Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces, Venus owns Taurus and Libra and Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius.

The in-built character of each sign would depend on the fact whether the sign is moveable, fixed or dual. Whether it is watery sign or earthy or fiery sign. In other words, the classification of each sign must be kept in mind before proceeding to consider the general characteristics of the particular sign (rasi).

Broadly, the sings have been divided into two types – active and passive or even and odd signs. The active types can be called masculine and passive fall under the category of feminine.

One must also consider whether the sing is of short ascension or long ascension.

All these signs provide hint for knowing particular part of the boy. For example, the singing sign Lagan indicated the face and 12th and 2nd house respectively indicate the left and right eye.

Here we are giving the broad results of each rising sign-degree wise/dreshkona wise. We are sure that the information about each degree shall be helpful in all matters of astrological consultations though the results may stand modified when we consider the totality of the horoscope.


  1. Positive, forceful, uncontrollable: creates own destiny.
  2. Enterprising, fertile and practical: an organizer.
  3. Ardent, refined and subtle, with literary and poetic ability: ambitious strivings.
  4. Impulsive and sensuous, yet capable of great attachments
  5. Magnanimous yet imperious: creative ability in art.
  6. Unsatisfied longings: a cramped life and distasteful tasks.
  7. A spiritual nature, with lofty ideals: an ideal marriage.
  8. A rash and ungovernable spirit, turbulent and revengeful.
  9. A philosophic mind and a sympathetic nature: many travels.
  10. Can rise to great heights, ambitious of prestige: friends in high places.
  11. A student, give to sciences: hopes realized.
  12. Aspirations quenched, trials endured: spiritual intuitions.
  13. Aggressive and destructive, lustful: abandonment of plans.
  14. Violent in temper, yet of a brooding nature: vehement in desires.
  15. Timid and irresolute, get well-disposed: a capable writer.
  16. A public man and an orator of persuasive tongue: yet fond of his family.
  17. Transcendental inclinations: fond of children and happy with them.
  18. An acute experimentalist, devoted to science: a querulous disposition.
  19. A fertile mind and a noble disposition: a passionate lover.
  20. Resource full and executive ness, with a somewhat unscrupulous character.
  21. Active and impressionable: meets adventures by sea.
  22. Profound, yet somewhat melancholy: ambitions realized.
  23. A seeker after strange things: many wanderings
  24. A silent nature, philosophical in temperament and patient in affliction.
  25. A restless spirit prone to travel: fate in foreign lands.
  26. Subject to inspirations, and possessing creative genius: artistic.
  27. The high-priest of some cultures or other: powerful and commanding.
  28. Gloomy and meditative, thoughtful and tenacious of purpose: a recluse.
  29. Lofty ideals, great powers of realizing them: famous children and successful enterprises.
  30. Initiation into the mysteries: a prophet of some new order.

Shanker Adawal
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