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Dr. Manmohan Singh

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

As in cases of other leaders one cannot be sure of the time and so while analyzing such horoscopes, I adopt the Bhrigu Technique where Ascendant which is primarily dependency on accurate time is not needed.


The analysis is done on the basis of rotating Jupiter, the Kartatwa and placements of planets on the date of birth and the relationship to the current position of the planets. For details of this method please contact Sagar Publications, Ved Mansion, Janpath, New Delhi for books authored by me.


Dr. Singh has completed the 74th year and running the 75th year. Jupiter if rotated is in Aquarius. It is an excellent sign which is fixed, airy and owned by Saturn, the planet which makes things happen. The rotated Jupiter is aspected by natal Jupiter from the sign of Leo which signifies authority and Government. It also has Rahu with it which is a planet making one to thing big and since it has the aspect of natal Jupiter it ensure fructification in the manner Jupiter which depicts GURU would like it to be and will not dwell in depth.


Cancer is the planet for masses and he having Moon, Mars and Venus in it represents dealing with people but again Jupiter and Ketu in Leo the next sign to it makes a person emotional, giving and following the right path. The strongest planet is Mercury, which governs intellect and has made Dr. Manmohan Singh basically a person who will go by reading, understanding issues in detail, giving utmost importance to analysis than to intuition.


This brief analysis is based on the principle that the flow of energy takes place from each planet and they get interrelated, changing there apparent character by these vibrations.


As per the Bhrigu technique ROTATED JUPITER is in AQUARIUS which is aspected by Natal Jupiter and Ketu in the sign of Leo ( signifies authority ) and Ketu which is a significator of DWHAJ i.e. Flag. There depositor Sun is in the next house with an EXALTED MERCURY. All this therefore signifies that the native will maintain his position, authority and will earn name and prestige due to his keen mathematical intellect.


In 2007 the transiting Jupiter is Scorpio and its depositor Mars is with Moon and Venus. This shows great success in diplomacy and handling of international matters in 2007. The current year will be an excellent period.


The years 2008 and 2009 show an upward trend as per the Bhrigu Nadi System and health will be maintained by medical supervision. 2010 onwards special care should be taken on health matters and will be under pressure, the analysis of it in depth I will do at an appropriate time.


Dr. Manmohan Singh will remain in power and his own recognition as a diplomat will take an upward trend in 2007. At the head we have a person with a great positive intellect who as a person is emotional and compassionate.


Shanker Adawal

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