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The Sun in Gemini

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Gemini- the Third sign in the Zodiac is ruled by Mercury. The nakshtras in Gemini are the following:


1)      00.00 to 06.40 degrees of Gemini or 06.40 to 06.40 of Mrigsara ruled by Mars.


2)      06.40 to 20.00 of Gemini or 00.13.00 of ardra ruled by Rahu.


3)      20.00 to 30 degrees of Gemini or 00.00 to 06.40 of Punavasu of Gemini. 00.00 to 06.40 of Purnarvasu ruled by Jupiter


Jupiter is considered to be 'Badhak' for Gemini born persons. The Sun in Gemini speak of sweet and affectionate but witty nature. It makes the persons learned in various disciplines. The native become positive and strong, generous, charming, versatile and takes to astrology. Depending on the birth chart, it congers, nobility and wealth.


With the entry of the Sun in Gemini, the native becomes bold, courageous and good understanding with neighbors. The entry is good for success in business and creative activity. It speaks of victory oven enemies, good health, reputation and honor. However, the afflicted Sun is capable of giving troubles, worries, anxieties, anonymous, petitions, false allegations and reports. Difficulties in general.


The Sun n Gemini, with reference to profession, speaks of writers, literary men, orators, inspectors, salesmen, agents, contractors, engineers, transport, letters, printing, postal service, journalism, electricity, radio, wireless, detectives, accountants, lecturers, tutors etc. People under the influence of the Sun in Gemini are expected to do more intellectual work.


For Gemini ascendant, the Sun owning 3rd house will not be helpful.


The effect of the Sun would differ from house to house and accordingly the Sun in Gemini in Lagan would give different effects as compared to the Sun in Gemini in other house. It may not be possible to refer here to all the effects of the Sun in Gemini in different house but it would suffice to refer to the effects of the Sun in Gemini in Lagan (1st House). If the Sun is Gemini or Virgo (both ruled by Mercury) the native is a persons of high thinking, intelligent and wise, and short-stature though respected by all.


Gemini is an Airy sign, it is of common nature (dual), it is human sign and it is also called bicorporal sign on account of two figures in them (other Bicorporal sings are Sagittarius and Pisces). Gemini is also called 'double-bodied sign'. It is also a 'barran' sign though comes under the category of commanding signs (Aries to Virgo are considered to commanding signs), it is also 'voice Sign' or musical sign.


The Sun in Gemini also becomes representative of play-grounds, hills and mountains. The native with Sun in Gemini becomes interested in these matters including the places pleasure, gambling, schools, and places of learning.


The Sun along with Jupiter are considered adverse to Gemini. The Sun owns 3rd House and is not helpful.


The following are normal results of the Sun in various houses in the Gemini sign.


              I.      Indicated above i.e. high thinking, wise and intelligent.

           II.      Wealthy, educated, healthy and respected.

         III.      Feeling detached i.e. living along though in the family-remains worried but clever.

        IV.      Faces health problem, remains worried but clever.

           V.      Highly educated, scholar, fond of pleasure.

        VI.      Contented even with uncertain flow of income. Native is likely to have eye- trouble.

      VII.      Leads a happy and harmonious married life.

   VIII.      Likely to have affairs with women of other castes including foreign ladies.

        IX.      Wise and intelligent but may have frequent headache.

           X.      Sexy, angry and obstinate, respected and earns fames, helper to others but also 'showy' in behavior.

        XI.      Intelligent and wise but worried, may have property from father.

      XII.      Weak financial position-no saving expenditure practically equals income, may have headache and break in sleep, unhappy married life and may have different opinion on all matters.


The Sun in Gemini also make the native a professor, publisher or author and also a lawyer. Where the Sun in Gemini, it gives few brothers but many coursings though the native is intelligent and enterprising.


Little different effects are laid down in Phaladeepka with regards to the Sun in different houses. Accordingly, an attempt has been made to derive the effects as per narration in the said book. For Gemini Lagan, the Sun in the first House Lagan, the native will have scanty hair, may be lazy and of hot disposition at times such natives are also tall. With the Sun in the 2nd House i.e. for Aries Lagan, the native may becomes powerful, valiant, wealthy and generous but inimical relations with kinsmen also indicated.


Though Gemini itself expect extreme freedom of thought and speech but the Sun it may not give the expected oratory though his power to resist or push back obstacles is not great. If his surroundings do not change, he adapts himself to them leading to good time in life.


From physical point of view, the mouth of Gemini native is small with thin lips but in some cases it has been seen that with the Sun in Gemini, the lips are thicker and if Mercury is powerful the arms and fingers would also be lengthy. Mentally, the mind of Gemini persons is not wicked (always double minded) but with the Sun in Gemini and other malefic influence, the native gets temptation to do the things in an improper way. Without any influence, the Gemini has no inborn sense of discrimination.


Shanker Adawal

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