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Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Date of Birth: 9 Dec 1946, Time of Birth: 9.15 pm

Birth Place: Luciana, Italy


In my research which is related both to scientific concerns as well as to exposures provided in various scriptures in this article I am focusing on the personality of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi.


The three main factors which govern the destiny of a person are the ascendant which appears in the horoscope depending on the latitude, longitude, progression and mathematics. Ascendant describes the destiny which is in store for a person in this birth and thus is the DNA of the horoscope. The Sun and Moon are the two Planets which provide the energy in store. Their attributes governs the nature and thus the actions.


Based on the above and taking into consideration the horoscope of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi, born on 09.12.1946 at around 21.15 hrs in Luciana, Italy, I will astrologically put forth her intrinsic nature.


In her case, the ascendant is Cancer which broadly makes a person emotional, sensitive, attached to the family and once they decide for a purpose in life they do all they can to achieve it. Late Shrimati Indira Gandhi was also born under the same ascendant. The horoscope would be as under :-


The Nakshatra or the Constellation lord of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi is Ashlesha whose star lord is Mercury and sub-lord Rahu.


I am now going into the details of analyzing the basic energy store which prevails in the native. This Constellation is the heralder of Mercurial energy, is represented in the night-sky by a ring of stars in the constellation of Hydra, known in modern astronomy as Epsilon-Hydrae, Delta-Hydrae, Mu-Hydrae, Rho-Hydrae, Sigma-Hydrae & Zeta-Hydrae. These stars are easily visible in a dark sky from pollution free vantage points even though they are not bright stars, as the brightest among them, Zeta-Hydrae has a visual magnitude of 3.12. In essence the whole of the constellation Hydrae can be seen to be representative of this asterism.


Moon and Mercury are the two planets connected with this nakshatra, Mercury being the main planetary ruler.


Ashlesha is considered to be an Active nakshatra. Ashlesha on the surface often appears to be a passive nakshatra but that is only because all its activities are hidden. Even if an Ashlesha native seems to be physically passive, one will find that they are weaving many webs on the mental plane.



Ashlesha's activities are subterranean in all senses of the word. In the present day and age where all the workings of the elite take place in secret away from the eyes of the public, one cannot help but see a dominant role of Ashlesha in the halls of power.


Ashlesha is supposed to be the place where intellect develops itself to control and direct the vast subconscious and instinctual workings of the mind. In today's world, Mercury's ability to direct Moon is used for deceiving the masses (Moon) through the media (Mercury).


The Sun, as explained, the second most important planet in her horoscope, is in the 5th House with Mercury and Ketu having Jupiter-Venus conjunction on one side and Mars on the other side. The 5th House is the place of intuition and the Sun with Mercury and Ketu gives the person a very high level of intuitive power and relating to the subconscious. The Sun is in the star of Jyestha whose lord is Mercury.


"Jyestha" translates simply into the "Eldest" or "Seniormost". Jyestha is a nakshatra where keeping up an image is more important than anything else. Jyestha natives usually do everything from a point of view which cares a great deal about how others are perceiving them.


They want to gain respect in society and do whatever is more necessary to adhere to the prevailing standards. In ancient times when real acts of charity, kindness and philanthropy were the stepping stones to a respectful position, Jyestha functioned well. One peculiarity of Jyestha is that it gives prosperity only through some occult, supernatural or extraordinary means.


Third important planet in Sonia Gandhi's horoscope is Moon which has the lord of Lagna in 12th House. This shows that she will prosper in the country which is not her birth place. Moon, in the House of Mercury, gives a sharp intellect for understanding the pros and cons.


This has Saturn on one side and Rahu on the other side which gives the unique planning and thinking big but due to Rahu Saturn ensures that the plans are executed in a thoughtful and cohesive manner. Saturn being retrograde in the ascendant again re-affirms her intuitive power.


Moon is in the Nakshatra of Ardra whose Lord is Rahu. It is Moon which governs her mind and is the most important planet in her Horoscope.


The Ardra constellation can have many varied English translations like – "green", "fresh", "the moist one". Its not hard to notice that all these translations are connected and carry a feeling of renewal. For example, the word "moist" may refer to the moisture in the air which forms the clouds, which in turn cause rain.



The rain in turn brings life to the earthly vegetation and makes them "fresh" and "green". Its main symbol is a Diamond, even though many scholars see a Teardrop as its primary symbol. The nature of Ardra is like the nature of a child. Natives under its influence have an ability to flit from intense joy to intense sorrow, to somewhere in between within a matter of minutes. Ardra is always involved in a churning process. This makes the natives under its strong influence to be undergoing constant transfor- mation. Ardra is considered to be a Balanced nakshatra. Its balanced nature stems from its mental and intellectual acumen. Those who think, analyze and contemplate don't usually go to extremes.


All of Ardra's diffusion, chaos and storminess is nothing but nature's way of restoring balance. If we are facing some tormenting situation in the present life, its only purpose is to dissolve and balance out our karmas from previous lives. The thunderstorm is also a typical manifestation of nature's way of restoring balance.


Thus, one can easily see the qualities which are reflected through the Ascendant (Ashlesha)-Sun (Jyeshta) const- ellation and Moon (Ardra). Since this article is analyzing the personality and traits of Sonia Gandhi on her 60th birthday, I am not going into the professional and political aspects, but nevertheless we have at the helm of affairs of the Nation, a person who is blessed with great intuitive power and intellect, which I have dealt in this article astrologically.

Shanker Adawal

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  1. I am an Italian teacher.
    Sonia Gandhi was born in the mountain village of LUSIANA (VICENZA) not Luciana which doesn ' t exist in Italy !



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