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Look for your Soul though Meditation - II

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Meditation need not to be a part of any religion or spiritual practice or necessarily to be a part of Yoga expert or a naturopath. It can by learnt by anyone, with or without a teacher. Persons born with well placed Jupiter in their horoscope i.e. 1st, 5th or 9th house of the horoscope and specially those born with exalted Jupiter get God-gifted tendency for mediation. I do not mean to say that others i.e. born with other planetary position cannot meditation. That depends on the totality of the horoscope and the Nakshtra in which one is born. Without dwelling or various aspects of Astrology on meditation, it would suffice to say that some persons are born under Tamasic Guna (Ashwini, Mrigsra, Ardra etc.) and though not bad at heart but the inherent Guna force them to express Tamasic Guna (Indolence-Inertia). For such person meditation has been the only solace to solve the mental contradiction – always expressing negative ideas. Automatically, males get to mediation at the age of 40 and females shall conquer this void at the age of 45.

Words-Mantras are powerful and in mediation Mantra has a very important role to play. Mantra is a powerful word or c combination of words inherited by Sages/Rishis/ Shankaracharyas and other Men of God directly from the Supreme. For a common man while searching his soul is an occult formula to remove various worries, troubles and desire. Though meditation, recitation of Mantra can bring to the common man realization of highest goal (contentment, self-satisfaction and ultimately Moksha difficult to verify). At times, the native doing meditation may not known fully the meaning of 'Mentra' but his devotion (Bhakti) will remove all fears including fear of death. It needs also to be mentioned that chanting a Mantra without devotion (bhakti), it becomes mechanical and the results will not be visible.

Selection of time for meditation (recitation of Mantra etc, is equally important. The best time for the purpose is Braham-mahurta i.e. 4.00 A.M. This time for mediation stand accepted by all religious and spiritual heads but a common man finds it difficult. It is seen that mysterious silence of the early morning hours benefit spiritual vibrations as the mind (Moon) would be at ease and one can do dull concentration. 
Shanker Adawal

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