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How Planets linked with your Disease

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The primary and important thing to be looked at from the birth chart should be about the health of the native. Sick persons may not do well though they have all the ambitions. Be that as it may, for the convenience of reader and astrologers, the following two charts have been compiled by the Shri Shanker Adawal indicating the dieses given by planets and 'Kala-pursha' horoscope indicating as to the part governed by a particular disease. For example, the Moon/ the Sun in 12th house/ 2nd house are likely to give eye trouble. By co-re-lading the effects of House, signs, planets etc. you will be in a position to determine the nature of diseases. For more detailed study of the subject, get in touch with Editor or subscribe for the journal: Diseases as indicated by Planets:


The Sun – Rules over bile, heart, brain, head eye and bone causes eye trouble (including weak eyesight), headaches, disturbance in blood circulation, fevers, hyper-irritability etc.

The Moon – Rules over breast, saliva, womb, water, blood and glandular system. Diseases of uterus, dropsy, menstrual disorders, nervousness, skin diseases, tuberculosis etc.

Mars – Rules over bile, ear, nose, forehead, sinews fiber and muscular tissues. Blood diseases. Tissues breakages, burns, mental, aberration, wounds, tumors etc.

Mercury – Rules over tongue, abdomen, lungs and also muscular tissues apart from bile. Mental and skin diseases, nervous backbone, leucoderma, excessive sweating, impotence, deafness, ear problem etc.

Jupiter – Rules over thighs, blood, kidneys, flash and fat, arterial system. Causes jaundice, diseases of liver, laziness, chronocity of diseases, gallbladder, sleeplessness, anemia etc.

Venus – Ovaries, eyes, generative system, water and semen. Causes venereal diseases, diabetes, stones in bladder or kidneys, cataract, weakness of sexual organ, sensitiveness, etc.

Saturn – Rules over feet, wind, acids, knees and marrow. Causes paralysis, insanity, choronocity of disease, cancer and other tumors, idiocy, granular diseases etc.

Nodes of the Moon

Rahu – Hi cough, slowness of action, leprosy, diseases not capable of diagnosed, boils, diseases of spleen, ulcers etc.

Ketu- Intestinal worms, epidemic eruptive fevers, low blood-pressure and against Mars who cause high blood pressure, deafness and defective speech etc.

Shanker Adawal

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