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You and Your Personality Part -3

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)  Different facets of personality cult have been seen in the erstwhile kinds and present day VIPs a mention can be mode about Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaha Lal Nehru, Indra Gandhi and so on. So is the position of personality among sages and seers, Gautam Budha, Swami Vivekanada, Guru Nanak and so on.

2)  Sages and seers, both in the east and in the west, have laid down some priciples for guidance of humanity at large and whether you adopt Gita way of life or Blible way of life or follow Gautum Budha or Guru Nanak. All the teachings give rise to deep thinking from a psychological-sum-spiritutal perspective. Actually, complex-free personality speak of a person who is very useful to self, to his family, to the society in which he lives, the country and then finally, to the world at large. A complex free person is devoted to his family and has to shoulder various responsibilities without expecting any thing from the members of family and has to shoulder various respobsibilites without expecting anything from the members of family. Similarly, those getting to the service of society, he does service and does not expect anything in return though in the present day civilization, the persons have become more selfish and material values have attained an upper hand.

3)  Complex-free person can be termed as 'unapeksha' i.e. no expectations (no expectation of rewards) and no claims. Normally, a person may have conflictions in mind, frustrations including marital pitfalls and complexes on various counts. All these and related matters influencing the mind of the native definitely create certain psychological problems, leading to formation of some complexes and under-current of frustration is write large on the face of the native who may have every thing including brilliant academic career, status but may not have the desired mental peace.

4)  You develop your personality the way you aim and think. Only honest search for mental health and spiritual life can put you on higher plane. It is only on account of experiences, obstacles, predicaments, sufferings and complexes that enables a person to evolve his own personality. After facing various troubles/hardships, the truth becomes known and you have a better realization. This can also be called 'enlightenment' to guide you well in future and also become guide for others.

5)  From the above it can be said that as your sorrows and suffering prove to be a blessing in disguise capital. When one fails in an examination, if he deeply thinks and gets to do hard work for the next examination, he is bound to succeed as the truth of hard-work for the examination has come to stay in the mind. With the developed thinking, even frustrations and regrets can enable the native to turn a minus point into plus and develop positive thinking for life.

6)  Peace of mind, if attained, can prove to be a blissful experience and one reaches a state of mind where there are no complaints, no regrets, no grading, no evil, no ill will and above all one lives life with love and good will for all. With this bent of mind, one becomes to live and act as Karma Yogi and for reaching this state of mind, age is no consideration but normally this state of mind come at the age of fifty and above though even youths in early age can experience such sate of affairs.

7)  Before preaching, one has to succeed in curing oneself of a certain malady- physical or mental by self effort and with this one becomes capable of bringing to light personal honest efforts to be guide for other. In search of truth or peace, you may come in contact with genuine saints and seers to guide you to have a complex-free personality.

Shanker Adawal
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