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You and Your Personality Part -2

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      I need not re-iterate that scientific inventions and technological progress have penetrated almost all sprees of human activities thus changing the personality of all specially those living in cities. The persons living in far-flung villages in any part of the world have their distinct personality as compared to those living in towns and cities. It is true that rapid progress in science and technology and new inventions of computer, inter-net etc. has lead to greater comforts and even the science has enabled the man to conquer space.

2)      Be that as it may, the modem man continues to be in search of mental peace and inner happiness but he does not know how to live with his 'fellow being '. The behavior of  self to others including with neighbors at times lead to unwanted situation as even the known phrase 'love thy neighbor' has come to be stated 'don't talk to neighbor' instead of hating your neighbor – the nearest human being. Practically, all human beings are becoming self-centre and it is on account of man's inability to adjust himself to scientific revolutions.

3)      Present-day civilization-the modern man or woman, is facing lot of problems arising out of mind/ emotions/ psychological mal-adjustment and at times leading to 'neurosis' (may not be a mental disease) and other psychosomatic diseases. The difference between physical and mental health must be kept in mind. For example, if one suffers from physical injury or has a fever, the native may attract the attention of others immediately but if one is suffering from anxiety or depression or conflict, he has nothing to show and no body would feel concerned about his mental ailment. Hence, the need to have a sound minds in a sound body and in a sound society.

4)       Modern age has been called 'age of anxiety and worries'. Problems regarding mental health of the native arises from the placement of the Moon in birth chart as the Moon is controller of the mind. In general, ego, pride, status, power, authority and money become responsible for changing the personality of the native. No body if contented and wants to acquire more and more and even an industrially list if not satisfied with one industry and he wants to expand the empire without realizing that it may ultimately be spoiling his mental health thus getting him to worries, mental tension and blood pressure and in some cases even to the heart attack.

5)      For all, mental health deserves top priority. All progress in the fields of science, economics, industry education etc. can be meaningful it the progress is instrumental promoting mental and social health. If the industry does not take care of its labor and management is only interested in accumulating profits for their own self, metal problems for all are bound to arise. Hence to ensure metal health, employers must take care of employees. This concept of taking care can be extended to all

Shanker Adawal
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