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You and Your Personality Part -4

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1) Complex, position or negative, is formed on account of long process of habituation. Complexes become deeply mixed up with out emotional energies and cause us to commit many mistakes though 'mistake' made be too a mild term. Actually, it has been seen that much devastation and damage results from irrational, rather blind re-action to the living system in any field of life. The physiology, biology and chemistry of the native suffer a big upset in a spur of a moment-whether in work-place or in domestic life.

2)  With wrong notions, at times, the mind (controlled by the Moon and how it is affected by other malefic) loses its power to grasp the situation. In the heat of moment, 'self' forgets it truth and the vision of 'truth' is lost. It can be called partial paralysis of will and even a temporary loss of self-identity. If the mental state of affairs is taken and analyzed by a psychologist, he will not hesitate to call it a 'temporary insanity'. You have to save yourself from such a situation so that the mistake so caused under the forced of complex disrupts the function of sold and the native can be said 'mentally ill' or can be said to suffer from 'mental ill health'.

3)  I have studied from attitude of certain persons specially born with debilitated Moon and the Moon being in the grip of Saturn/ Mars/ Rahu - Ketu and at times even the Sun. Thus the concept of 'mental ill health' is closely linked with the concept of 'complex'. The big question mark and in the present times is how to deal with mental situations acquired or created. It is vital to us as the psychologist would tell that mind is ill and if the mind is ill. Nothing can be well.

4)  The question of handling the complex within you is closely connected with highest economy of life including laws of the country you live, education. Tradition, etc. some question haunts the life of every body giving birth to unwanted worries at times. Health including mental means 'swasthya' implying a state of being one's true and total self – example of some 'karma-yogis' doing all jobs even at the age of seventy and about. In other words. Health speaks of a complete self-actualization. It also implies physical health in full vigor and vitality and when it is full of bliss of life if mental health is in full cheer with full freed from complies lading to harmony and happiness for all.

5)  Every-body including you has some complexes having friendship with few and not liking others. While dealing with complexes, we may not be in a position to t\kill them, crush them or even eradicate them. Actually complete eradication of complexes which have formed a part of one's mental state may prove to be self-defeating and counter-productive. The only remedy is to think, pause and re-think about your actions and acts as something you get mental anguish because of others including from the boss or other VIP etc. complexes, acquired after long habituation and constant conditioning can be got rid of by the counter process of unconditional, reconditioning and de-conditioning. But, nature based complexes all practice, complexes call for practice, concentration and what can be called mediation or 'sadhna'. This practice has the capacity of reducing desires/ impulses to.

6)  Not only acquiring of wealth etc. even eating can be reduced. This would need art of management i.e. fixing the time for eating and in general terminology it can be called – 'dedication'. With controlled diet, you can check the aggressive impulse in your including for sensual pleasures. Constant check and watch on the activities of mind and heart has to be, rather must be maintained.

Shanker Adawal
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