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Lord Shiva's Worship - Do's and Don't!

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It is believed that Lord Shiva is easily pleased and he fulfills every wish of the devotees when worshiping with a true heart. The month of Shravan is the booster of Lord Shiva's happiness.

Devotees start Lord Shiva's worship from Monday onward in Savanah with proper rituals. During this time, it is considered necessary to follow all the disciplined routines with eating a few fruits and vegetables.

According to the scriptures, a particular type of clothes has to be worn during the worship which often people ignore. Here we are specifically telling you about the garments that should be worn during his day (Monday) in Savanah or any other day during Shiv Puja.

Clothes should not be worn during this month, especially during Monday-Fast or any day of Lord Shiva's worship.

It is considered auspicious to wear green clothes in Shiva Puja. Apart from this, do not wear black clothes during Puja on Monday. It is said that Lord Shiva does not like black color and he gets angry with black clothes, so always avoid wearing black clothes during Shiva worship. If you want to please Shivaji in the month of Savan then take special care of it.

Wear red, white, saffron, yellow, or Asparagus every Monday during Shiva Puja.

The clothes to be worn after the bath should be of cotton and clean as these clothes are considered pure, light, and comfortable. It is believed that it is necessary to be completely meditated during worship.

During chants, men should wear 2 garments max, this is the reason for men to wear dhoti during worship.

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