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Saturn – What It Can Give – When Alone and When In Association with Other Planets

*Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA*)

Saturn, the planet of destiny, has been ranked as friend as well as a foe.
For some persons. Saturn is Yoga-karka planet and has the capacity to make
the native a leader, a king, VIP etc. depending on the placement of Saturn.
In this write up, brief indications are given for the benefit of all as to
what Saturn can give when alone in a particular sign ad when in association
with other planets.


Debilitated and may not do worthwhile work but stand for machinery, metals,
and factories and make the native an engineer. Detailed nature of profession
would depend on the aspect/association/conjunction of other planets.

*SATURN IN TAURUS-* Vocations in finance related matters – the native may be
employed in commercial concerns including banking / money-lending. Custodial
functions etc. are also indicated.

*SATURN IN GEMINI-* Intellectual activity gives activities relating to
communications, accountancy and auditing. Native gets support from friends.

*SATURN IN CANCER-* Artistic professions, agriculture, religious profession,
movement among people.

*SATURN IN LEO*- Government employment or work in authoritative /
administrative services. Struggle in professional matters unless had the
beneficence of Jupiter / Venus/ Mercury.

*SATURN IN VIRGO- *Commercial ventures, trading real estate, brokerage.
Native has practical business approach. Good position for worldly

*SATURN IN LIBRA-* Exalted position. Strong profession unless disturbed by
Mars and Ketu. Lawyers (Saturn/Mercury/Venus) and Judges
(Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury). Film actor/artists.

*SATURN IN SCORPIO-* Professions relating to machines, land or occult

*SATURN IN SAGGITARIUS-* Honorable profession, law or forest related
activities, argumentative skill – come up to high positions.

*SATURN IN CAPRICORN-* Professions involving considerable activity and
movement. Sales jobs considerable activity and movement. Sales jobs/
executive positions involving liaison work practical people.

*SATURN IN AQUARIUS-* In-depth study of subjects, research scientists,
intellectuals, astrologers, advisers. Advisory and desk basked field.

*SATURN IN PISCES-* Law, medicine, history, religion etc. for profession,
Teachers, Detached nature. Jupiter and Saturn together give high
professional circle.

effected. Government job. Aspect of Jupiter/ Venus/ Mercury may mitigate
ill- effects of Saturn- Sun (enemies).

*SATURN WITH MOON*- Traveling, artistic bent, astrologers, accountants,
religious heads. Cheaters also.

*SATURN WITH MARS*- difficulties in career. All obstacles with benefic
influences, the native gets money, land and buildings out of his
professional income.

*SATURN WITH MERCURY-* Trade, writing, law, authorships. All earning on
account of intellect and ability.

*SATURN WITH JUPITER- *Fortunate combination to give luxurious
profession- finance
banker, accountants, housing property.

*SATURN WITH RAHU-* Subordinate position except when saved by Jupiter and
Venus. Masking abilities, actors etc.

Saturn with ketu –obstacles in careers as Ketu is inimical to Saturn. Career
detached for the fruits of labor,

*Shanker Adawal*


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