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Saturn – The Planet of Destiny Saturn in Aries- Effects

*Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA*)

1) Health-wise some diseases were indicated. In addition, Saturn in
Aries represents disease which proceeds from cold and obstructions –
melancholy, epilepsy, black jaundice, toothache, fistulas, dropsy, and
leprosy and so on.

2) As is known that each sign of the body and the placement of Saturn
would indication which portion of the body will be more sensitive to
diseases resulting from poor circulation including in connection with
excretory functions. In Aries, Saturn indicates sensitizes of the head
including deafness in some cases. In Taurus, Saturn may indicate
tonsillitis, glandular swelling etc. In Gemini, the danger may be because of
brochila tubes, chest lungs etc. since the present write-up is only for
Saturn in Aries, Astrologers may easily determine the threat to the body
(health) with reference to affliction by Saturn.

3) From 11th June, 1998 Saturn was in Aswini-3 (6.40 to 10.00 degrees).
Practically it remained in this pada of Nakshtra including in its Retrograde
motion upto 22nd October, 1998- therefore the effect of this portion were
felt more severely as Saturn affected previous houses when in retrograde

4) From 11th June, 1998 to 15th August, 1998, Saturn remained in its
direct motion and transited Aswini-3. The Planets involved were Mars, Saturn
and Ketu. Natives born in Aswinin-3 with Saturn were found to be clever in
their business and traveled extensively for business purposes. Normally,
they kept cordial relations with their employees and were interested in
their welfare. Most of them were found to be ambitious but short-tempered.

5) Practical knowledge about Saturn in Aswini-3 is provided by the
horoscope of N. V. Godse who is known for the murder of the National –
Mahatma Gandhi. Mars in Lagna also become the lord of house of
injuries (6thhouse) and the native apparently became crueler with Ketu
ruling Aswini
getting to 6th house. Malefic Saturn happens to be in 11th House- Aswini-3.
Practically same degrees of Lagna and Mars and influence of cruelty
including on account of Saturn and Ketu – apparently brain become thoroughly
violent. The Moon-controller of mind is not free from the influence of Mars
or from the Moon as Ascendant. Even when the Sun is taken as Ascendant, it
comes under the influence of Ketu adding to the violent thinking.

6) For Saturn benefic signs are 3,6 and 11 and malefic signs are
1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10 and 12. Aries is malefic sign for Saturn. Here a word about
the transit of Saturn is inevitable. Though the position of planets at birth
is fixed but there is no stoppage of planetary movement (transit –
'Gochar'). Gochar (transit) means the passage of plants through certain
angular positions from the natal Moon (Rasi). Gochar results should never be
interpreted without reference to ruling Dasha/Antra/Prantara of the native.
Gochar records the effects of the changes in the positions and movements of
the planets on individuals and nations for any particular time, Mark the
position of natal Moon and position of other planets and then read the
combined transiting influences. Regarding Saturn's transit in 12th, 1st and
2nd house from the Natal Moon goes under the technical name 'Sada-Sati' -7
and half years cycle. This particular period of 2 and half years in one sign
is dreaded by many as 'highly malefic' though it may not be so as there may
be improvement from the position of other planets and the ruling
Dasha/Antra/Pratantra. If all the circumstances i.e. strength of the
planets, prevalent Dasha etc. Are bad and malefic, results have to be very
bad such as quarrels, misunderstandings, implication and entanglement in
litigation, failure of business, restlessness of mind, change of place,
sickness of self and in the family and mental worry on various count. One
having longevity, sade-sati period may but thrice in life, first time, the
result may be bad, in the second time, there may be no evil effects and in
the third time, physical health may suffer inducing death unless longevity
is given by other planets and combinations.

*Shanker Adawal*


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