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Search Your Inner Soul via Mediation Part 1

*Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA*)

1) Mediation technique-whatever from you may adopt, must focus the
attention of the native on a particular 'chakra' an energy centre in the
body some mediation techniques are done with open eyes whereas some natives
cannot concerentrate without closing the eyes. Actually, deep concentration
comes only when are closed. The other way of thinking is that open eyes
focus the attention on a particular image or object or deity or even 'Jot'
or a candle. The fires form the 'jot' or candle give inspiration and pore of

2) Different techniques prevail all over the worlds regarding the modus
operandi. Tibetan Buddhism includes, inter-alia, meditation training- it is
stated that one may learn to visualize from memory – an intricate image of
the deity one worships or propitiates. Some meditations incorporate special
training for breathing while in meditation but in general the persons sit in
a particular posture and have normal breathing, in connection with
breathing, a reference to 'YOGA' is inevitable. Meditation and yogic
practices go hand in hand as you are doing yoga without noticing it that you
are also meditating. 'Parana' (Sukshma breathing – a continuous process) has
been considered to be the vital force-all pervasive in the cosmos and in the
body. Only breathing – continuing or stopping – make the difference between
life and death. If one stops breathing, until and unless, the native is in
coma, he is declared dead. Hence the value of breathing.

3) 'Parana' is related to air-breathe. Air is the physical vehicle –
used to process and manipulate extraction of 'Parana'. It activates the
human organism. Breathing is the main source of Parana – the foundation for
meditation. In Yogic Kiryas it is called 'Pranayama Parana, links body and
mind for a balanced control on all organs. Literally, Yama 'means control
and pranayama represent the group of techniques aiming at stimulating or
balancing the vital energy in the body i.e. via meditation. Pranayama and
meditation allows us to fill the body with Parana so that it flows like a
liquid (blood) into all parts and pores of the body including skin. The body
soaks up this meditation/prana give the needed power to all the vital

4) Meditation and specially via pranayama has the following good
results for the native:

— Relaxed mind.

— Increase in oxygen level of the blood-controlled blood pressure.

5) For mediation, it is better to have lotus posture. This posture has
been accepted to be the best for mediation or chanting of a Mantra. Of
course, in Yoga, we have other Asnas for meditation namely: Padma Asna,
Vaira Asna, Sidha Asana or Vajra Asna. In case for any native having
difficult in sitting in the above posture because of weight or other
physical problem, then the native can sit in any comfortable posture if the
native have the intention to do meditation. Once a particular posture is
adopted, it should be followed in subsequent sittings for meditation, to the
extent possible. One posture is suggested for chanting one Mantra and if you
want to chant more than one Mantra in the same time of meditation, then
changes the posture after every Mantra.

6) After the posture for meditation has been selected, then the space
for meditation must be selected and established even in your own house. A
regular time has to be fixed for meditation at the proper place and in the
proper posture. Preferably, morning or evening times are suggested depending
on alertness of the native. Even a chair or a cushion can be used for
sitting with the spines in straight – posture. But, if you decide to sit on
a chair, avoid sitting with backs supported by the chair's back.


*Shanker Adawal*


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