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Saturn – The Mystic Planet

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Saturn some call it a planet of destiny and others name it as a mystic planet, governs sub-statically the life of individuals as well as of nations. In the Zodiac, Saturn owns two signs i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius-both permanently adjacent to each other. Thus the Saturn governs 1/6th of the population. Not only that, the aspects of Saturn in Hindu astrology are well known Saturn aspected, 3rd , 7th and 10th house from its placement and if the aspects are taken into consideration it would embrace and effect the life of 5/12 of the people. Thus in its circle of Maha-dasha, Antra-dasha and in Sukkhsma the planet of destiny has a major role to play and it at times becomes the killer.

2)      Capricorn is moveable sign and even direction wise it is stated to represent south. Whereas Aquarius is fixed sign, being odd is fierce in nature and represents the west direction. Saturn exalts in the sign of Libra owned by Venus and its fall (debilitation) is an Aries owned by Mars. Saturn own Nakshtra – Pushayami Anuradha and Uttata-Bhadrapad. The period of each Nakshtra had been taken to be 6 years and 4th months thus totaling to the full period of 19 years allotted to Saturn in Vimshortri Dasha System.

3)      The moon has been considered to be detrimental to Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. Feminine in nature, it is considered to be fruitful sign but earthy. As part of the body, it represents knees. The natives are normally prudent. The Nakshtras falling in Capricorn are Uttarashada (3) Sarvana (4) and Dhanishta (2) see the associations and mingling of various planets in Capricorn and thy have to be taken into consideration fro interpretative astrology.

4)      Similarly, the role of various planets/Nakshtras is well interwove even in the other sign owned by Saturn i.e. Aquarius. The detrimental planet has been considered to be the Sun. Masculine is nature but it is considered to be a barren sign. Though fixed and Airy but the native is positive in thinking whereas Capricorn has been ranked 'negative'. With reference to part of the body, it represents legs. Though malefic in nature it believes in fellowship. Nakshtras falling in Aquarius are Dhanishta (2), Satbhisha (4), and Purva-Bhdara (3).

5)      Saturn is considered to be combust (Ast. In Hindi) when it is at 15 degrees from either side of the Sun. Saturn is friend of Venus, Mercury and Rahu, enemy of the Sun, the Moon and Mars. It is neutral with regard to Jupiter.

6)      Rahu does not own any of the houses in the horoscope but it owns Nakshtras as is the case with other planets. This node (Rahu) has been equated with Saturn under the known quotation 'Sani Vat Rahu, Kuja Vat Ketu'- Rahu also acts as Saturn. Both have separative effects taking the native from attachment to detachment indicating the mystic nature. Not only that, if Saturn's MANDI is also taken into consideration, the malefic influence comes to a greater extent- thus giving all sorts of hams/discomforts including inflicting of  injuries resulting in death.

7)      It may not be possible to discuss all the characteristics of Saturn but it would suffice to say that-whether in service or in business, the natives under the influence of Saturn have to do hard work. It would be apt to say that all labor class is represented by Saturn/Rahu. Saturn has been considered to be a Yoga-Karka for Libra Ascendants/Taurus ascendants but a malefic for native born in Gemini/Virgo owned by Mercury. Of its own, the Saturn is a planet of limitations, restrictions and is responsible for separation – which term become relative with reference to each native.

8)      Saturn, whatever the malefic nature may be, had been responsible for producing person of great eminence including scientists, inventors, discoverers, explores, freedom-fighters (Myrtyers) philosophers, religious preachers, parliamentarians, administrators and kings.

9)      Apart from conferring benefits when in exaltation, (though some say that exalted Saturn may also do some harm because of its inherent malefic nature), in own sign, etc. But it has been found that the Saturn is a planet for delays and obstacles, however, depending on the planetary position, it has been seen that the malefic Saturn does not deny but only delays the expected fruits though some attribute 'denials' also to Saturn. Among the bad qualities, mention can be made for the natives governed and ruled by Saturn-melancholic, deceitful, lazy, distrustful, and pessimistic, wanting loneliness and some become unreliable and wicked friends.

10)  Saturn is also known for chronic diseases and if relevant house is afflicted it delays the recovery. The diseases attributable to Saturn generally are paralysis, gout, insanity, rheumatism, consumption, and in some cases bronchitis etc. this becomes modified in view of the personal horoscope. Saturn in Aries is stated to cause rheumatism and melancholy.

11)  For persons born at the fag end of Capricorn or in the early [art of Aquarius, such natives of make out 'complex' personalities. In Western Astrology, a grace of 3days (some give 7 days) with regard to date of birth and the natives so born acquire the characteristics of both the signs i.e. in which born and the sing rising in the next days indicated above. No authenticity has come to my notice on this point.

12)  Profession-wise, vast field had been indicated, phaldeepks indicate all articles of iron, and agricultural implements, blue and blacks things also come under the domain of Saturn. Saturn is also responsible for death, downfall, disgrace, drowsiness, dull-headedness and even dressing in black clothes- though for Hindu ladies wearing of black clothes is not considered auspicious (Christains and Muslim wear when they become widows). Uttarakalamrita and Phaldeepka characterize – Saturn as Eunch – impotence of the native to be seen by considering Saturn's position. According to Prashara Hora, Brahma is the deity but Phaladeepka refer to 'Shiva Temple also. Leather and hides also come under Saturn – so would be the leather clothes /goods. Trading in Landed property and lands/estates also attributed to Saturn.

Shanker Adawal
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