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Know yourself from your own face – General Characteristics

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Face reading has been termed as 'phsyignomy' i.e. the study of face- from the shape of and lines from the face. Some claim this to be an accurate science. However, I feel that it cannot be a perfect and exact science as face reading is also a God gifted matter with sages/rishis as or holy men. Be that as it may no specific principles are available though general characteristics of the natives can be told on the basis of fore-head, ears, cheeks, thin, jaw ears etc. it may be apt to mention here that ear-astrology has been developed by few astrologers i.e. on the basis of ears, their size and shape and the curves inside and outside the ears.

2)      In view of scanty and limited literature on FACE READING only few people know about the principles for ace reading. In this journal, an attempt shall be made to acquaint you all about the face reading including head, from part of the face and helps in reading the face and knowing about the general characteristics of the native.

3)      Mere face reading may not suffice the native and it need to be associated/ complimented by astrology/ numerology/ palmistry. For example, a native born with a weak chin may not really lack in determination/ decision as he may be born on a powerful sate and with planets having their own strength. Thus the face reading shall continue to be of utmost importance and interest. Some observations are inevitable on the basis of face and they do help the consulter and the predictor.

4)      Face reading cannot become a source of livelihood i.e. business or profession as it has its own pitfalls. Face reading specially come as a habby as no predictions are possible on the basis of face reading though general characteristics and just some thing about the native can be told on the basis of face reading. Further, those who use physiognomy must remember to make due allowance for what might be termed the freak human nature. Knowledge of face-reading, from what ever source by acquired, need to be used as a hobby. However, this can be made as a hobby. However, this cab be made as a profession if astrology/ numerology/ palmistry is also studied by the face reader.

5)      Subject to above observations, there are persons born with God-gifted institution to tell all about the native on the basis of face – for example, the particular lines (straight or perpendicular) do become indicative of the fact that the person may hold some high position. The worriness of mind is also indicated by the face. Longevity would depend on the size of the ear and other facial parts.

6)      The force of attraction lies in the face and at times even first look at the face become attractive and one gets attached/ attracted to other for full life. Some call it love at first sight. The face also become responsible to tell about the executive power and whether the native would be actor/model etc. in the beginnings, your judgment may be incorrect but with experience you will be a position to judge the native correctly i.e. on first look.

Shanker Adawal
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