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Know yourself from your own signs

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Aries – (Born between 21st March to 20th April) – Independent thinking and have reasoning faculty. Followers of transitions/conventions but at the same time lovers of scientific thought and philosophy. Strongly bent upto educational pursuits. Pioneers in many fields. Females possess generally fairly perfect countenance. Most of you are stubborn and obstinate but frank, impulsive and courageous.


Taurus – (Born between 21st April to 21st May) – Normally of medium size with thick lips and neck, dark hair and prominent features. Women are generally handsome. You develop your own principles and stick to them. You can shine well as author, journalist and in some cases reach at the top in this filed. You appreciate truth and your physical and mental endurance is notable. Some of you may suffer from nervous complaints, specially after 50, but your memory and power of imagination shall not fail. Advised to control your passions.


Gemini – (Born between 22nd May 21st June) – Active in motion but with wavering mind. Tall, broad forehead and clear eyes indicated. You can become an expert in mathematics. Most of you, unless you specialize in one thing, would become jack of all and master of none. You are conscious of your own faults. Be on the guard as you can be defrauded by others. Subject to your personal horoscope you can yourself be a clever and deceitful. Your own deeds (training) can correct the bad habits.


Cancer – (Born between 22nd June to 22nd July) – Normally of middle size with snubbed nose, while complexion and double chin. Intelligent, bright but frugal. Attached to the family and children. Your extreme nature of being sensitive' can make your nervous and incapable of taking a final decision. Get advice of seniors. Talkative, self-reliant and honest. Known for justice and fair play. Believes in straight – forward dealings. Devoted to the spouse.


Leo – (Born between 23rd July to 23rd August) – Majestic in appearance and have broad shoulders. Normally fond of non-veg, food. Capable of adapting to the prevailing circumstances. Sticking to orthodoxical principles and some of you may not succeed to the expected level in life and ambitions remains unfulfilled.


Virgo – (Born between 24th August to 23 rd September) – Normally of middle size and exhibit taste in art and literature, lovers of music and fine art – generally lucky in respect of their wives and husbands.


Libra – (Born between 24th September to 23rd October) – Fair complexion and of middle stature, fine eyes and handsome. Keen observers firm in conviction. Sensitive to what other say of you. Political leaders and religious reformers exert tremendous influence on the public Lover excitement and have power of institution. Great lover of music/dance and all matters of entertainment.


Scorpio – (Born between 24th October to 21st November) – Youthful appearance, generous disposition but fierce eyes. Control sensual pleasure. Females born under this sign sometime have masculine tendencies. On account of hot constitution, likely to suffer from piles specially after 30. Advised to exercise check on the diet.


Sagittarius – (Born between 23rd November to 21st December) – Spot the persons with almond eyes and are ruled by Jupiter. Prompt in actions and uphold conservative views, enthusiasastic and hate external shows. Capable of exercising control on food, drinks and with opposite sex. Judges, spiritual head and political power indicated.


Capricorn – (Born between 22nd December to 20th January) – women folk generally handsome and youngish in appearance with fleshy lips and inviting appearance. Great aspirants, modest and gentlemanly in business transactions. You have the knack of adapting to the given circumstances. Vindictive if the Saturn is badly placed. Possess qualities of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy.


Aquarius – (Born between 21st January to 19th February) – Normally, tall lean and fairly handsome. Cheeks broad and prominent buttocks. Highly intelligent and make friends early. Pure in heart and always inclined to help others. Capable of having food education but lack organizing capacity. Endears to all.


Pisces - (Born between 20th February to 20th March) – Reserved and liable to drawn premature conclusions. Generally superstitious and religious and at times rigid in observance of orthodore principles. Stubborn to a little extent but ambitious to rise. Restless and fond of history.


Shanker Adawal


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